Why I Love Summer

Why I Love Summer

Why I Love Summer

Okay, so its not quite summer yet, but I am totally gunning for the warm air and the cool evenings. Every year when spring comes I get anxious to get outside and enjoy the weather and especially the sun. Here are a few reasons why I love summer so much!

First and foremost, the warm air is my favorite. All winter long I feel like I am stuck inside because if I go outside Im going to be freezing and if Im out there too long, I might get sick. I know that just because I am outside, Im not going to get sick, but if I do the things which I love to do, then yes, I might get sick. If I go running, cycling, or any physical exerting activity, I increase those chances. In the summer, the warm air lets me do all of those things and takes away my worries.

Barbeques! Summer in my mind brings with it great food. Break out the barbeque and invite the family and friends over because were cooking up steaks, corn on the cob, and potatoes. Dont hesitate to bring the kids because well be hitting the pool as the food is grilling. Celebrating warm days of summer with great food and those who are close to us is one of the best parts about the summer. It doesnt matter if its a week day or a weekend; every day is the perfect time to celebrate summer!

Summer is a time when people tend to be a little less stressed and more willing to relax. For some reason people see summer as a holiday, and its not just one day, its three months of great days. This means people are willing to take time off of work, spend time with those they love, and forget about the daily grind at the office or in the workplace. Summer gives us all an opportunity to take a break from responsibility and remember why we do what we do day in and day out.

Summer thunderstorms are another part of the summer that I love. They bring a cool rain and a fresh air smell that in unlike anything Ive ever smelled. The sound of the rain as it patters on the windows and roof brings back memories of summers gone by. I love the thunder and get a kick out of watching the lightning as it lights up the night.

All in all, summer is one of the best times of the year. Enjoy it while it lasts because the heat wont stick around for too long. Soon the snow will be flying and the temperatures will be dropping.

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