Why Being Clingy Drives Your Ex Further Away
Why Being Clingy Drives Your Ex Further Away

Why Being Clingy Drives Your Ex Further Away

When you are suffering a breakup, everything in your life can turn emotional. Its normal to make mistakes when trying to deal with. However, its important that those mistakes dont affect the outcome you are hoping for: getting your ex back. There are many things that can drive your ex further away from you. One of the more damaging mistakes includes: being way too clingy.

Dont ever believe that not being panicked after a breakup doesnt happen. It does. Its normal to grab onto something familiar so you can move past the pain and frustration you feel. However, the feeling you have of safety may be exactly the opposite for your ex. When they are tired of dealing with you and the breakup and you "try to smother them with attention", they may view it as being excessively clingy. You dont want to do that.

When you latch onto your ex, it can take on many appearances. For instance, if you like to drink to get drunk you may end doing something you regret. Its called drunk dialing and its when you decide to call your ex pouring your heart out and asking them to give you a second chance. You may also repeatedly try to get a hold of your ex by emailing, texting, instant messaging, etc. This is called text message terrorism.

When you do drunk dialing, text messaging or anything of the like... the overall ending wont be good. In fact, it highlights more deepening troubles than what once was there. The idea is to work through the breakup emotions and deal with the problems that inundated the relationship and you and your ex. When you overwhelm your ex with unwanted attention, it drives them further away.

Do you want your ex back? Then, sit back and handle your own emotion. That means give you and your ex some cool down time... a month will suffice. When you do this, you keep your ex wondering what you are doing and how you have been. It also gives them a chance to miss you. While you are giving them this time, you can also deal with the issues that caused the breakup in the first place. When you do this, you have a greater chance of getting your ex back.

Instead of clinging onto your partner, most couples can reunite as long as they are determined and give the other the space needed to think about things in the relationship. However, before you start talking to your ex, have a plan of attack that will help you win them back and not drive them further away. Remember keep to that plan until everything is back to the way you want it.

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