Why a Man Stops Calling?
Why a Man Stops Calling?

Why a Man Stops Calling?

Women want to know why the man she met suddenly stops calling her. Getting into a relationship is the finest moment in a womans life. She always longs for a prince charming to come and simply sweep her off her feet.

But sadly enough cupids never strike on her door even once. All the men she meets either like her for all the wrong reasons or also dislike her for unknown reasons.

The mental state of a woman who is caught between these odds is terrible. She feels uncomfortable, insecure and unwanted. Suddenly her whole life changes when after a casual date she receives non stop calls from her friend. He is so excited about meeting her and is anxious to meet again and again. She feels great and is in cloud nine when suddenly the calls stop all of a sudden. She is lost, confused and wonders why it happened. A woman must understand why a man stops calling all of a sudden.

Why does a man call?

Let us first ponder on why a man calls a woman. Generally when a woman is interesting a man calls. What started off as a date turns out to be a great evening with a wonderful woman. He is glad that he met such a woman as he might have had many bad dates earlier. So he is anxious, delighted and at the top of the world to have such a beautiful damsel to his side.

Similar to a hangover after a heavy partying he is all into her and wants to call her too often to listen to her. Slowly the hang over fades off and he starts reducing his calls to zero. In extreme cases he might have met another angel and so stops calling the damsel.

Women are treated as fun giving objects and men hardly behave human as far as woman is concerned. They change woman like their dress and dont care what happens to the woman or understand her emotions. They fool around women for fun and when the show is over they pack their bags and leave.

What not to expect from a man

Women should first stop depending on men for their security and comfort. They should stand on their own feet and live independently. Dont expect a man to understand your needs or emotions. No man can actually understand a womans mind fully. There might be some exceptions but then men are men and they are from mars for sure. They are insensitive towards women and can never really give her total security or comfort. So believe in yourself and start building a world where your attitudes never allow you to depend on a mans calls for comfort.

So instead of thinking why a man stops calling look out for other more serious things to do than wait on him to call.

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