What is Hair Texturizer?
What is Hair Texturizer?

What is Hair Texturizer?

Hair Texturizer is a mild relaxer that loosens naturally curly or kinky hair rather than straightening it completely.

Women who have very tightly curled hair have begun to look for ways to loosen their curls to give them better manageability and versatility. However, there is confusion between the difference between a hair texturizer and a hair relaxer? A hair texturizer is just a "mild relaxer" that loosens naturally curly or kinky hair rather than straightening it completely. The traditional hair relaxer damaged hair and burned scalps because of the harsh chemical "lye" found in most products. Times have changed and some hair relaxers now relax hair without the use of harsh chemicals. This allows new hair texturizer products to provide a healthy, natural alternative to managing your curly hair.

Here are Some Benefits of Using a Hair Texturizer

• Better manageability and versatility
• Maintaining curl pattern but having looser curls
• Wanting curls to grow vertically rather than horizontally
• Less shrinkage and breakage
• Reduce frizz and have healthier hair
• Reduce maintenance

Applying a Hair Texturizer to Short Hair
A hair texturizer can be used on women with tight curly short hair. If you want to soften your curls, you can just comb a hair texturizer on your hair to release some of the curl. If done properly, hair will loosen to achieve a loose "S" pattern.

Applying a Hair Texturizer to Long Hair
When applying hair texturizer to long hair in the same manor, it is called "Wash and Wear". Longer hair will have a more elongated curl pattern. Longer hair can be blown dry into a sleek, relaxed look. When shampooed, hair will return to the elongated curl pattern.

Moisturizing to Help Preserve the Curl Pattern after Using a Hair Texturizer
It is very important to use the right moisturizing products on your hair after you have applied a hair texturizer. Applying a curl defining moisturizer and/or a non-greasy hair & skin oil will moisturize and condition, help protect again thermal applications, give hair a brilliant sheen, relieve dryness and frizz and make hair silky and more manageable.

The bottom line is that a natural hair texturizer if done properly with the right product will help make your hair more manageable, reduce frizz, loosen curls and reduce maintenance. It will give you more flexibility in styling. You can wear your hair curly or straight!

Linda Dunkelberger is a free-lance writer and editor interested in Fresh Look Products (www.freshlookhair.com). Fresh Look Products, Inc. has been marketing the Fresh look Hair BodipHier System since 1998. The article "What is a Hair Texturizer?" explains what, why and how to use a hair texturizer