What Are “Certified Organic Herbs” ?

What Are “Certified Organic Herbs” ?

Bulk organic herbs are more economical to purchase than buying them in small bottled quantities - and more environmentally friendly to boot! By purchasing your herbs in bulk quantities, you can take advantage of large volume discounts, whether you are a retailer or a consumer of the end product. By purchasing bulk organic herbs in large amounts, you not only save, but ensure that what you need is there whether its for customer demand or cooking at home.

What Are "Certified Organic Herbs" ?

As consumer awareness increases about food - how it is grown, how far it travels, etc. - the demand for organic bulk herbs and certified organic spices also rises. Meanwhile, as the cost for many standard food items increases to the same level of locally-grown bulk organic herbs, the price of such organic foodstuffs becomes more competitive. But what exactly does "certified" mean?

Certified organic spices and bulk organic herbs are those raised in an ecologically sustainable way, without the kinds of chemical fertilizers or pesticides that can leach into the plants leaves, roots, stems, flowers or bark, and leave a toxic residue. In addition, farmers who raise organic bulk herbs avoid the potentially destructive practice of monoculture. For instance, large-scale corporate agricultural operations may focus on the cultivation of only one or two products - for example, limiting a particular region to the production of only one or two Chinese herbs, such as a few varieties of ginseng. This practice causes plants to be less resistant to diseases as well as drain the soil of nutrients.

Farmers who raise organic bulk herbs focus on a healthy diversity of crops. This means a smaller supply (one of the reason that organic bulk herbs have been traditionally more expensive than non-organics), but it also means a healthier crop that is of superior quality. In the U.S. organic certification is handled on the state level by local governmental, non-profit and private agencies that have USDA approval. Since 2002, under the National Organic Program, produce such as bulk bath herbs and certified organic spices can only be labeled as such by adhering to specific requirements.

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Chinese herbs are the basis of medication used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which Western medical science is starting to examine seriously. Of course, many women (and even men) appreciate a good soak in bulk bath herbs, and some of these even have therapeutic properties. Between this and the traditional kitchen uses of bulk herbs, its easy to see the wisdom in stocking up and keeping a good supply on hand.

Buy herbs in bulk for the savings, and to insure that you have them on hand when you need them.