Vemma Business Complaints: Are They Valid or Not?
Vemma Business Complaints: Are They Valid or Not?

Vemma Business Complaints: Are They Valid or Not?

If your trying to decide if this is the right business for you, you have probably seen some Vemma Business complaints, and then you start wondering if Vemma is a scam. Those are legitimate fears. Lets see if there is anything to them.

A popular Vemma Business complaint you hear is that it is a pyramid scheme or some sort of scam. We all have neighbors and friends that say these kinds of things trying to protect us. They might have joined an MLM company before they got married, didnt make any money, and now call everything a pyramid scheme. You know some of those people?

As with any network marketing arrangement, Vemma Business pays its members from the products they sell, as well as from the sales of people in their downlines. This is percisely the blueprint billion-dollar MLM companies have used from the begining. So, its probably safe to say that Vemma is not a scheme either.

A common Vemma Business objection is the investment to get started. As with most reliable home based businesses, there is always a fee to join. Take a look at it from this angle: how many business owners got started without investing any money? I cant think of any, can you? As you would expect, with Vemma, they require a $300 investment to get started.

This is also a Vemma Business criticism you may hear about is the people behind the business. This network marketing opportunity was started by BK Boreyko, who was has already taken Vemmas parent company New Vision to $1 billion in sales. The perfect person to take a new business into a profitable future. With a great CEO, its only a matter of time until Vemma does the same thing.

Vemma is a solid opportunity, but without know how to market your business online, you will struggle to make more than $500. Take my word for it. Who wants to build their business hanging out in shopping malls trying to approach people about their business anyway.

But dont worry. Everyone stuggles with the old school style of marketing that most companies likeVemma Business recommend. There is a better way. The way the top producers are using to sponsor hundreds of people per year and put thousands in their pocket.

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