Unskilled Australia Mine Jobs and Entry Level Mining Jobs in the Australia Mining Industry
Unskilled Australia Mine Jobs and Entry Level Mining Jobs in the Australia Mining Industry

Unskilled Australia Mine Jobs and Entry Level Mining Jobs in the Australia Mining Industry

The Australia mining industry is booming. As the boom continues, companies are offering great wages and increasingly better working conditions to attract mining jobs workers. A number of people with no previous experience in the mining industry often ask if there are any positions that require no experience? The answer is certainly Yes! There are numerous unskilled and entry level mining jobs that Australia mining industry employers are looking to fill.

Advertised positions in the mining industry tend to attract skilled workers, there is still very much the need for unskilled workers. Many people are looking to start their career in an entry level position in the Australia mining industry often struggle to determine the best entry level position to gain employment in and what training or tickets they are required to hold.

Taking up unskilled entry level Australia mining jobs is often a great way to gain some experience working within the Australia mining industry as well as an opportunity to up skill and gain some training. An unskilled mining job is also a great method for skilled workers to gain entry into the mining industry and gain some mining specific skills to further their mining careers.

A number of unskilled mine jobs will require that you are physically fit due to the labour intensive tasks that you may be required to perform. However not all unskilled positions require a high level of physical fitness but you must be able to work long hours in sometimes difficult environments. You must also be able to follow instructions well and be committed to safety as you will have to work in a dangerous environment.

A unskilled labourer, aside from performing labour intensive tasks may also be required to operator certain machinery or drive trucks. Holding a truck licence or tickets can be of an advantage to you. Similar to other mining jobs in the industry, usually you will be required to work 12 hour shifts and work on a rostered basis. The roster that you will have depends on the company that you gain employment with. Some of the more common rosters include 3 weeks on and 1 week off as well as 9 days on and 5 days off.

There are a wide range of entry level mining jobs in the Australian mining industry. These range from more of a labouring position such as sample preparers, drillers assistants, trade assistants and general labouring positions. There are also entry level positions available for catering staff, cleaning staff and even office staff. Working in entry level mining jobs, you can still expect to earn a good income. The more experience you gain in an entry llevel position - the better your chances to move into a higher paying career.

To gain entry level mine jobs, you may still be required to meet certain requirements by mining companies. This may include undertaking certain training and having the right certificates and licenses. If you are serious about starting your career in entry level Australia mining jobs, it is important to ensure that you obtain the right advice. There is a lot to know before you start apply for jobs. Gaining the right advice can minimise your job searching time as well as ensuring that you are applying for the right jobs for you.

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