Tri-wall boxes

Tri-wall boxes

Tri-wall boxes give maximum rigidity, crush resistance and superior stacking performance.

Manufactured from a heavy grade 300KTBC grade corrugated cardboard the cardboard boxes have 3 flutes to give it superior strength for when a double wall box just will not do.

These triple wall boxes can be multi-stacked for storage and loaded into containers for maximum fill. The tri-wall cardboard boxes are easy to seal with normal packing tape, plastic strapping or carton box sealer.

Tri-wall boxes are a lot cheaper than wooden boxes and are not subject to the ISPM 15 rule like wooden boxes are when used to ship products between countries. This is because it is cardboard based and therefore does not need to go through the heat treating process that natural wood would need to go through in order to kill organic organisms. If you are looking at other wooden boxes, please make sure that it is ISPM 15 approved or your goods may get stopped at customs.

Delivered flat packed the tri-wall boxes are easier to store than wooden boxes and save a lot of storage space compared to wooden boxes as well as being lighter and easier to move and manage but still retain the strength needed for export. The benefits of triple wall also extend to no more splinters for the user.

Most local authorities have schemes to collect cardboard and recycle the cardboard boxes, alternatively you can take your boxes to a local recycling bank or even sell them. If you collect your cardboard to recycle in a cardboard box then you will not have to separate it later.
Cardboard is also biodegradable and decomposes when sent to landfill unlike plastic. All this helps you when your clients demand to know what you are doing to become green.

I hope this quick guide has helped make your choice of which cardboard box to use that bit easier.