Top Reasons Why Breakup Happen: Why Men Pull Away From You

Top Reasons Why Breakup Happen: Why Men Pull Away From You

There are many reasons why breakups happen. You need to make a choice to do something about it and try to fix it before it becomes permanent. Breakups are known as a situation where life can be permanently altered thus making them very hard to handle.

The feelings of loneliness and pain can cripple anyone. The worse thing about it is that you probably feel if you seen it coming, you might have been able to avert it. You may start looking at the situations on the reasons that could have caused the breakup. Though you may find those problems, you may realize that its too late to stop the initial breakup. Even if this is the case, you can still fix them and try to win your partner back.

(1) First reason why break up happen: Do not show or being too overly loving. For many men, anything resembles the word love after an intimate time together sends them running for the hills. While many women find it sweet, men find it a nightmare. Its called "pressing the gas way too fast"

Here are some reasons why men run away from their suffocating women:

One type is the overly needy, clingy type that resembles the helpless but love-struck girl; the second type is the controlling, very demanding devil-incarnate who wants to command your every thought.

For guys, neither one is good to deal with and usually sends them ducking for cover. If you have either one of these attitudes, it is best to work on them and hold back these behaviors. Try not to be overly demanding or threatening and give the man some slack. While some men dont mind a woman who is challenging, others dread it.

(2) Second reason why break up happen: Try to keep the relationship from getting boring. When a relationship first begins, the joy of being in love is there. However, over time, you both can take each other for granted and you and your other half just go through the motions of the relationship with a lack of feeling. Its tragic when a relationship dies out because no one decided to keep it from going sour. Even if the newness wears off, you both should always love to be with one another.

If you notice the relationship in trouble from this sort of problem, you can fix it. First, try to remember what brought you both together. Second, find similar interests and do those together. Love is always there. You both just need to rediscover it.

(3) Lastly, common reason why break up happen: Cheating on the person you are with is the single biggest reason people breakup. Theres no reason for cheating. If you dont love the person you are with, then just dont be with them. If you do cheat, it makes you a dirt-bag for doing such a thing. Its frightening to know that both men and women are having a difficult time being faithful to the one they supposedly love. Cheating breaks apart any relationship.

If you want to keep your relationship, just dont cheat. Its as simple as that. Yet, should you make the slip and do cheat, some couples have a chance to get over it and past it. However, it is best just to never cheat.

Try to work on your situation and avoid hurting your partner now you know some of the reasons why break up can happen to your relationship. No matter the issue, some relationships are strong enough to survive most hard handled issues. However, you need to face the problems head on, stop making mistakes and get your relationship back on track. If you want to have a good relationship, you need to have respect for your partner and of course for yourself.

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