Top 5 most popular motherboard Manufacturers
Top 5 most popular motherboard Manufacturers

Top 5 most popular motherboard Manufacturers

Top 5 most popular motherboard Manufacturers


A motherboard is the central or primary circuit board (PCB) making up a complex electronic system,

such as a modern computer. A motherboard, like a backplane, provides the electrical connections by

which the other components of the system communicate, but unlike a backplane also contains the central

processing unit and other subsystems such as real time clock, and some peripheral interfaces.

There are many motherboard manufacturers. Here are some of the Top 5 most popular motherboard manufacturers.

1. Tyan: TYAN system boards provide the ultimate Internet platform for todays desktop PCs, workstations and servers.

2. ASUS: In 2006, the company shipped 55 million motherboards, which means one in three desktop PCs sold

last year was powered by an ASUS motherboard.

3. SUPER MICRO: Supermicro motherboard has 13 Years of technology-advanced Motherboard Design,

Consistent top-quality Production Expertise, Extensive Range of Xeon Serverboards Available, Competitive

Price/Performance Ratio, High Performance PD Boards Supporting the Latest Hardware, Standard Form Factors

offer Features

4. Intel: Intel offers many kinds of motherboards. Intel® Desktop Boards Extreme Series, Intel® Desktop Boards

Media Series, Intel® Desktop Boards Executive Series Intel® Desktop Boards Classic Series, Intel® Desktop

Boards Essential Series, Intel® Desktop Boards Mature Boards

5. IWILL: IWILL Corporation is an industry leading manufacturer of dual processor workstation motherboards.

Over the last decade, IWILLs foundation has remained constant - provide reliable and innovative solutions for

corporate, enterprise, education, scientific, manufacturing and government organizations.

Here are some tips when you plan to buy a motherboard:

The motherboard is the foundation upon which your PC is built. Heres how to buy one that can accommodate

all the components you want.

- Most motherboards feature two to four memory slots. (Because of their size, MicroATX boards tend to offer

fewer slots than their ATX counterparts.) Regardless of the board you choose, make sure it has enough slots to

accommodate your needs. For optimum performance, look for boards that support faster DDR2 memory.

- When buying a motherboard, check the processor family you want the board to support.

- Most new motherboards offer both IDE and SATA connectors. If you want to future-proof your system,

make sure your board supports SATA drives.

- The form factor sets the standard for a motherboards dimensions and layout, as well as the positioning

of mounting holes, expansion slots, and ports. Your case must support the form factor of the board you choose.

Most of todays motherboards are laid out in the ATX form factor.

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