Tips in Avoiding Escalator Accidents

Tips in Avoiding Escalator Accidents

Escalator Accidents

There are numerous escalators all over the nation and virtually all people use these machines. It is even believed by some that riding escalators are much safer than riding elevators. Actually, it is not. As accidents happen in elevators, so do in escalators. They may be rare but still, it happens.

Escalator Accident Statistics

In a study done by the Consumer Safety Commission, escalator accidents are responsible for about 7,300 hospital emergency injuries in the U.S. 75% of these injuries are caused by falls and around 20% occurred when hands and feet become trapped in these escalators.

Tips to Avoid Escalator Accidents

Since escalator accidents are rare, it may be avoidable. Here are some suggestions to be followed to avoid being involved in these accidents:

• Always Face Forward

You should always face forward when riding escalators so that you will be at ease and at the same time will make you focus in order for you to have some time to be prepared to make necessary actions in case the people riding in front of you accidentally fall.

• Always Hold the Handrail

Holding the handrail will reduce the risk of slipping and tripping accidents as handrails are intended to keep you in place, helping you stay put while the escalator moves.

• Do not Put Children in Strollers, carts, or walkers

When riding escalators, you should not put your children in strollers, carts, or walkers as it may create danger for you and other people.

• Avoid the Steps Edges

You should avoid the edges of an escalators steps when riding one as possible entrapment may occur. Every escalator is designed to show the edge where you may be entrapped. The yellow lines in the sides of the escalator steps show the place where you should put your feet to avoid any entrapments.

• Know the Location of Emergency Shut-off Buttons

It is important to be aware where the emergency shut-off buttons are located, in case you need to stop the escalator. Usually, these emergency buttons are located at the bottom and top of escalators, at the right side when you are facing the steps.

• Always Secure Children

You should always secure children and hold their hands when riding escalators as they are unaware of the danger that lies within and are more prone to escalator accidents. Also, children playing may distract you and those people around you. You should be much more careful when riding in escalators with children.

• Wear Safe Shoes

You must be aware that mittens, loose shoelaces, scarves, drawstrings can get stuck in escalators. If you are wearing any one of these items, you should be very careful to avoid being stuck, or better yet, remove it so that you can protect yourself from an accident.

Escalator Accident Attorney

Being involved in an escalator accident may cause injuries, ranging from mild to severe. If you are one of those people who sustained injuries because of such accidents, it is very important to consult with an escalator accident attorney who is experienced in dealing with such cases.

As stated above, escalator accidents are rare, meaning such cases are complex and might involve many things that need to be considered. Having the help of an expert might make it easier for you to deal with such problems.

An escalator accident attorney from our team of experts possesses sufficient knowledge in dealing with escalator accidents. Log on to our website and dial our toll-free number to get the legal assistance you need.