Tips for Successful Telemarketing
Tips for Successful Telemarketing

Tips for Successful Telemarketing

Telemarketing is an interactive marketing strategy conducted over the telephone to inform potential buyers about new products, discount offers and to encourage them to buy products or services. Telemarketing is a proven way of efficient and effective marketing and is widely used by various industries to make contact with their clients. Successful telemarketing can be done by following the tips given below:

* Find Qualified Prospects: Finding qualified prospects to make sales is imperative to a telemarketing campaign. So, search for prospective clients who would be interested in buying your product, because the main purpose of telemarketing is to make a sale. You can search for the prospective clients from the newspapers, websites, directories, etc. and can create your own database for such clients who can buy your product or service.
* Calling Essentials: It is essential to get information about the customer and understand what their needs are before pitching in for a particular product. Call the prospects when they can be easily reached and can spare some time to listen to you. It is also necessary to carry the conversation in a proper format - introduction, product description, product features, product price, ordering, and most importantly ending the call. Thank the customer before closing the sale and give him the essential detail regarding the product delivery. Write down the important information as in case you may have to make a follow up call. It is a good idea to let the customer say goodbye and hang up first as this will help you do away with the impression of rudeness.
* Voice, Tone and Words: Successful telemarketing is about using words to your advantage to hit sales. Dont forget that your voice, tone and what you speak are most important to do the entire job of getting the sale. A pleasant and relaxed voice can encourage a customer to have interest in your product or service and get better results more easily. Greet the person and introduce yourself and the company while initiating the call. Make sure you are talking to the right person and if not ask politely for the prospective customer. If the customer is not available leave a message.
* Stay Focused & Listen Attentively: Stay focused and be clear about the purpose of your call. The telemarketer may encounter open ended questions like: What, When, Where, Why, but he should stay confident and tackle them professionally. The language used by the telemarketer should be simple and understandable. Listen attentively to what the customer has to say and make him feel important. Give the customer enough time to explain his queries and or ask questions. Also let the customer finish speaking before replying to his concerns. This process will allow you to gather information about what interests the customer. Finally, provide feedback and close the sale.
* Record the Progress: You should record your progress on daily basis and identify the areas that need improvement. This approach will also help you to keep record of the contacts for future reference. It is advisable to note the date and time of follow ups for caring out an effective telemarketing strategy.