The Humminbird Matrix 20 Helps You Find Your Favorite Fishing Hotspot
The Humminbird Matrix 20 Helps You Find Your Favorite Fishing Hotspot

The Humminbird Matrix 20 Helps You Find Your Favorite Fishing Hotspot

Imagine yourself getting out on the lake, the river or even onto the saltwater and taking along your Humminbird Matrix 20. You will easily find out where you are when you plug into the GPS guide. It will help you find your favorite hotspot. Then, you can use the sonar to give you a great picture of whats down below the surface. You see your fish. You know where it is and where it is heading. You can land your line right where it is and within minutes be reeling him in. If you didnt have the Matrix 20, you would still be trying to find that hotspot!

The Matrix 20 is a great fishfinder because it is portable. It is easily moved from one location to the next making it easy for you to fish no matter where you are. Besides this feature, the Humminbird Matrix 20 offers several other features. Lets take a closer look at how and why this fish finder will help you see clearly where your fish are hiding.

First off, the Matrix 20 uses a single beam, 24 inch sonar. It is capable of going down 800 feet. Thats 800 feet of clear viewing for you. Youll know whats floating down there, where it is, and then youll be able to plan your course of action.

You will also find that the Matrix 20 is GPS ready. You can connect your hand held GPS to it and benefit from the easy reading ability that the Matrix 20 offers.

It also features a water temperature gauge. This is helpful if you know your fish. Some fish prefer certain temps to swim in. If you are not in warm or cold enough water, they are likely not to be either.

You dont need to worry about the Matrix 20 getting wet out there because it is waterproof and youll not need to worry about it falling. It is impact resistant. This is great especially when the boat gets a little too rocky!

Fill your cooler with fish when using the Matrix 20!

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