The history of camcorders
The history of camcorders

The history of camcorders

Well, when you think of a camcorder, you probably envision those little hand-held mini
dv camcorders
that fit into the palm of your hand, right? Like all things,
the camcorder had its own starting point, too. In the "old days",
the camcorder was very big and bulky. It was originally designed to be used
to help capture news on the run. Today, they can be found in mini form and
are even able to be recorded on many different media formats. The prices
can vary, but thank your lucky stars that they have evolved; if they hadnt,
wed still be lugging around those heavy vhs-beta recorders from the
days of yesterday!

To really appreciate the camcorders of today, we must look at the camcorder
of days gone by. When you look up camcorder in the encyclopedia, you encounter
a long, rambling description. Basically, it says that a camcorder is a "portable
electronic device (usually digital camera) for recording video images and audio
onto a storage device. It contains both a camera and a recorder in one unit." In
the recording days preceding the camcorder, the camera and recorder would be
separate in technology.

The camcorder was actually designed for the advancement of broadcasting television
images. Can you image the world today without our awesome news overages that
we depend on? How would we know of the upcoming disasters or the destruction
a world away, without the images that can be transported in seconds? Unlike
today, the cameras of yesterday in broadcast centers were very big and were
mounted on a specially designed trolley for transportation. They were wired
to remote recorders located in separate rooms. Talk about inconvenience!!

Thank goodness for the innovative technology in the years to come! Without
it, we would not be able to shoot little Billys t-ball game or Suzies
High School Graduation ceremony! Eventually, the technology let the electronic
giants of the world create a much smaller, compact design that could combine
both the camera and recorder; and the camcorder was born! In the early 1980s,
Sony brought us the first camcorder. Kodak quickly followed suit and the rest
is history!

Today, dv camcorders are
made by many leading electronic manufacturers and is found in many homes all
across the world. They can be large or mini in size. They can record on many
media formats, including vhs tape, 8mm, dvd-r and dvd-rams! They can offer
many features, including optical and digital zoom lenses, built in microphones,
still shot capability, web cam capability, image stabilizer, rechargeable lithium
battery, in camera menu, in-camera editing and warranty. There are a ton of
accessories you can find for the camcorders, including: tripod, extra battery,
USB and A/V cables, AC power adapter, shoulder strap, carry case, battery charger
and editing software.

Many of the newer models of camcorders are more than just typical camcorders,
too! Some of them actually double as a digital camera, too! Just image how
easy and convenient it would be if you could carry one machine around to capture
all of those special moments, instead of two! Whether you are buying a camcorder
for yourself or for a gift, there are many models to choose from. Of course,
the prices will vary, depending on features, size and the manufacturer.

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