The Hidden Uses for Candle Holders
The Hidden Uses for Candle Holders

The Hidden Uses for Candle Holders

Candles and candle holders go together, but did you know that they can be separated? Candle holders can have a life of their own outside of holding a taper, votive or tea light. You can use those candle holders for a grand array of other uses. Here are just a few.

You may be pondering your next Halloween costume, wanting to create the perfect hat. Glue several tea light candle holders together and place a large bow around it. You can also take some of the more shallow holders and use them as berets. The possibilities are endless for body decoration. You can take some of the candlesticks and attach them into foam, or use one of the hurricane holders to be a light which serves all mankind.

Look at the small candlesticks that you have scattered around the house. Have you ever been lacking for something to hit extended nails? Your candle holder can be used as a mallet for any errant jobs around the house. Sure, it isnt as good as a real hammer, but this is very improvisational. Just think about the soothing tinkling noise that the sound of metal upon metal makes.

Speed Stacking
There is a sport which is devoted to stacking and destacking cups. You take a pile of disposable cups, make a pyramid out of them, then take down the pyramid cup by cup. People are judged by the amount of time that it takes them to build and deconstruct that pyramid. If they used something heavier, like a votive candle holder, they would learn how to work with the extra weight... and when the time came for the competition, they could switch back to the regular cups.

Shot Glass
Clean candle holders can be used as shot glasses in a pinch. You could take the tea lights for the small drinkers, the votive candle holders for the regular drinkers and the huge hurricane or pillar candle holders for the heavier drinkers. In order for them to work, they have to be clean and sterilized. If it is not completely and totally clean, dont use it.

Dice Cup
Have you ever been playing a game with several dice and you needed to have a cup to hold them? Well, look no further than a candle holder. There are some that work better than others, but youll just have to experiment enough to get the hang of your dice throwing ways. They might also work well if you want to play the shell game and have managed to make parts of the candle holder opaque.

Candle holders do not have to be the serious business that they are made out to be. They can be used for enjoyable purposes like wearing as a halloween hat or practicing your speed stacking prowess. Pick up some candle holders and try it out today!

**Note: The author wrote this article for fun and accepts no responsibility for the actions of others. If you become injured or otherwise end up in a frumpy state, its not the fault of the author.