The 30 Day Declutter Challenge Really Works!
The 30 Day Declutter Challenge Really Works!

The 30 Day Declutter Challenge Really Works!

If youre looking for ideas on how to declutter your home that really work, you need to learn about The 30 Day Declutter Challenge. Never heard of it before? Keep reading... you have stumbled upon something that is guaranteed to help you declutter your home very nicely, or at least get you good and started! The 30 Day Declutter Challenge, in a nutshell, is this: You set up a challenge as described below for yourself to commit to decluttering one area of your home, be it large or small, for 30 consecutive days. By the end of the month, youll be amazed at what has been accomplished!

Why would a Declutter Challenge like The 30 Day Declutter Challenge work when other plans fail? By committing yourself to a specific plan with a definable start and finish, with attainable goals, you are guaranteed to accomplish more than if you have no plan and continue decluttering whenever you feel up to it. Im sure you can admit that you RARELY feel in the mood to declutter your home, so little gets seems to ever get accomplished. Do a 30 Day Declutter Challenge and get your competitive nature going! This will help you meet the goals you have set, and you will really see some results as your house gets more and more clutter-free!

A 30 Day Declutter Challenge is relatively easy to set up. All you need to have to set it up is a calendar with lots of write-able space, time to dedicate each day or evening to decluttering (even 5-10 minutes), and a will to succeed! To start, grab a pencil and your calendar and talk a wander around your house. What do you observe?

  • You started in the kitchen and in front of you is the fridge. "Day One: Go through fridge contents and throw out items past expiry date. Clean shelves."

  • You look to the left of the fridge and see the cupboard where you keep your storage containers, and its doors are bulging! "Day Two: Sort through storage containers drawer. Match lids with containers, throw out ones that have no mate, organize by size or type."

  • You notice the junk drawer in the hutch by the wall and remember how last time you tried to put anything in there it simply didnt fit. "Day Three: Attack junk drawer. Put items back where they belong, if possible. Discard items if really junk."

  • You see nearly used up candles still on counter top from 2 weeks ago: "Day Four: Go through house and replace used candles/tea-lights with new ones; throw out used candles that look messy."

Do you see how this works? Continue throughout your house and make an action plan for each of the 30 days in the month ahead. Begin your month with the mindset that you WILL COMPLETE all 30 Declutter Challenges. Each morning (or better yet, the evening before), review the days task and make sure you can find a time to slot in the decluttering you have designated for that day. If you make the assignments seriously and realistically do-able in the time you have available, you will succeed! Here are a few helpful suggestions to keep you "on track":

  1. Make it a 30 Day Declutter Challenge for your whole family and help each other stay on track! Get your significant other and/or your children to all write up and commit to their own plans, and get even more accomplished around your house!

  2. Promise yourself or your family a nice reward when you complete the challenge successfully!

  3. Blog about it... make your challenge a public one so that you have some accountability!

  4. Schedule an occasional "day off" or "catch up day" to allow yourself time to get yourself caught up if you think youll need it.

  5. Mix in the "fun" (or more interesting) tasks with the "ugly" ones.

  6. Use all 30 days to declutter one room only, if need be! That room will certainly be beautiful once finished!

The 30 Day Declutter Challenge is one excellent and guaranteed way to declutter your home for good, or simply get your cluttered house on the road to recovery. Instead of sighing, groaning, and feeling guilty about your cluttered house, grab that planner and take action! Remember, the task is only overwhelming if you dont break it down in to manageable chunks! Good luck, and happy decluttering!

For more ideas on setting up and completing your own 30 Day Declutter Challenge, check out this page Take A Declutter Challenge! Good luck and Happy Decluttering!