Searching for RTA Cabinets

Searching for RTA Cabinets

I have renovated kitchens for about ten years now, but I have only started using RTA kitchen cabinets (ready to assemble) for the last five years. RTA is not a brand name; instead it is a type of cabinet. You might be familiar with big box retail stores like IKEA or Home Depot - national chain hardware stores. These stores sell similar RTA (ready to assemble) products and some of them appear to be good prices, but unfortunately these RTA products are inferior to RTA products that I have found online. Yes, RTA products (ready to assemble) can be found in many places, but when I renovated my kitchen, I searched online (A Google Search for RTA kitchen cabinets) and found better prices and actually better quality.

I first started by going to several home supply stores. I shopped a few local stores, found assembled cabinets at high prices and moved on to a few national store chains. These stores also had assembled cabinets, but also carried RTA kitchen cabinets (and RTA bathroom vanities). At that point I thought I had found what I was looking for, kitchen cabinets at a lower cost than assembled cabinets. These RTA cabinets looked just like regular cabinets, but also carried about a fifteen percent (15%) less of a cost than the assembled cabinets. I did some further investigation and unfortunately found that these store bought RTA kitchen cabinets contained particle board sides. Yes the fronts of the cabinets appeared to be solid wood faces, but the sides and backs were clearly made of a cheap particle board. At this point, I decided to move onto another store and see what else was out there in regards to a better cabinet without particle board. I did not find anything better, so I went home and did some online research. This was the best renovation move I made and it is eventually where I found the best deal on kitchen cabinets.

There are probably hundreds of RTA kitchen cabinet and RTA bathroom vanity websites, but as with anything the very best rise to the top. When I did a Google search for RTA kitchen cabinets I decided to check out the top three sites on the first page. Note - I avoided the paid searches at the very top of the page and also the paid searches at the right side of the page. These sites are paying to be at the top of the list and are not the best sites for what you are looking for, in fact some of these sites are not good at all and really should be included with the quality sites that have earned the front page.

When I ran the numbers on the three sites I looked at, I found that the best prices were on the bigger more complete sites. These sites imported cabinets directly and this was the main reason the RTA kitchen cabinet prices were so good. So to sum it up, the best prices and best quality were on the top RTA kitchen cabinet websites. I did some through research and felt confident that I made the best choice with my kitchen cabinets.
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