Roof Box  Features To Look Out For
Roof Box Features To Look Out For

Roof Box Features To Look Out For

A roof box for your car or van is without doubt the most efficient way to carry all those items that are still left over when youve already filled all the available space inside. The advantages are obvious.

Your stuff is inside the box protected from the weather.
Roof boxes can be locked to protect your property from being stolen and in any case its all out of sight so avoiding temptation in the first place.

You can carry items of different shapes and sizes without the problem of trying to lash them all on to a roof rack. You just pop them inside and shut the lid.

Roof boxes create far less drag than a roof rack so your fuel consumption will suffer less. So we know why youve decided on a roof box and now you need to decide which box will suit you best.

At this stage youve probably been thinking that one roof box is much the same as another. Its just a box to fit on the car roof to carry stuff in and thats it isnt it? Actually no there is a bit more to it than that. There are several features that you find on the best roof boxes and you should look out for them when choosing which model to buy.

Thule roof boxes incorporate all of these features across their range. In fact Thule have become the market leaders in roof top and rear end carrying attachments for cars and vans.

The power grip mounting system is a method of attaching a roof box to roof bars or a rack which combines absolute security with simple, one handed operation. Its tightened or released from inside the box so that once the roof box is locked, no one can remove it from the vehicle. Two of the Thule roof box ranges incorporate this feature as standard equipment.

Two other types of quick action mounting system are available, the Quick Snap system and the Fast Grip . Both are designed for quick and easy attachment and removal combined with security. Thats quite a consideration especially if you want to be able to take your box off when you dont need it and fit it quickly when you do.

Any roof box will create less drag than an open roof rack but some range incorporate a system of air channels and spoilers that reduce it even further and minimise wind noise and vibration at the same time. Having anything on the car roof is bound to create extra noise so a feature that keeps it to a minimum has to be worth looking out for.

Do you ever take your car abroad where they insist on driving on the wrong side of the road? Well if you do youll appreciate being able to get into your roof box from either side so you never have to stand on the off side of the vehicle to do so. Youll find that a very useful feature if you ever have to park your car with the near side close up to a wall or fence. When you think about it the ability to open the box from either side is a feature you wouldnt want to be without.

Think about the material your roof box will be made of. You want it to be light in weight but really strong both to protect its contents and to have a long life. You want it to retain its colour well and be resistant to scratching and fading from exposure to the elements. You dont want to have to worry about corrosion either. All the better quality roof boxes are made of extremely hardwearing, tough plastics such as Duotec or ABS which fulfil all your requirements.

Even though roof boxes are relatively light for their size, when you stand beside the car and open the lid it is quite heavy to lift because youre reaching up. Every Thule roof box incorporates spring loaded lid lifters called Dual Force. When you start to lift, the springs raise the lid for you, and then hold it open for as long as necessary. When you close the lid the system holds the weight as it comes down, not your arm.

Look out for a multipoint central locking system rather than just one locking point. That not only brings improved security but also avoids any chance of distorting the lid when the box is full. With dual side opening of course its essential that you can operate the central locking system from either side.

You should insist that any roof box you buy incorporates all these features. That way your purchase will be a pleasure to use and will serve you well for many years.

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