Replacement Heel Caps and Heel Tips
Replacement Heel Caps and Heel Tips

Replacement Heel Caps and Heel Tips

It is not uncommon for the heels of shoes to wear down prematurely. The good news is that without a lot of effort (or money) the heels of most shoes can be replaced. You should be able to purchase what are called "heel caps" or "heel tips". Most heel caps are made of metal or rubber. The caps come in various sizes (from stiletto thickness to wide heels). You will need to be sure to purchase heel caps that match exactly the thickness of your worn-down heels.

You can replace heel caps or tips yourself. The first step is to remove the shoes original heel caps. If the original heel caps are plastic, remove them with a pair of pliers. It may take several strong pulls before the heel caps come off. Do not be surprised if the plastic tips break. Metal heel tips should also be removed with pliers. Be prepared to use lots of force. The pin should come out with the metal heel cap.

Once the heel cap is off, take the opportunity to repair the leather on the heel. Super glue or shoe glue can tuck fraying or torn pieces of leather back in place.

Most replacement heel tips come with a pin already attached to the tip. (This is why it is important to make sure you remove the old pin as well as the old heel tip.) After aligning the heel tip with the heel, hammer the new tip in place. The pin should disappear into the main body of the heel. Sometimes coating the pin of the new heel tip with super glue or shoe glue can help to keep the heel tip in place, but this is usually not necessary.

Heel caps and tips can be purchased at most shoe stores as well as online. (For example, sells replacement heel caps for $6 a pair.) You may be forced to buy heel caps in bulk or large quantities. Alternatively, if you know of a good cobbler nearby, a replacement heel may only cost you 6 or 7 dollars. It is a relatively easy repair to make, and it may just be that in this case you save time and money by giving your local cobbler some business. Either way, replacing your worn-down heels with heel caps can dramatically extend the life of your favorite shoes and save you significant cash in the long run.

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