Removal Method for Asbestos within Artex
Removal Method for Asbestos within Artex

Removal Method for Asbestos within Artex

The majority of people understand the problems with Asbesots and the importance to respect it as a health hazard Towards the 1980s, Artex contained minimal amounts of asbestos which was used in many domestic households all over the world. Artex is a plaster, paint type material that was pasted onto walls and more commonly ceilings for a patterned decorative finish. This plaster contained minimal amounts of asbestos. This kind of asbestos or decorating material contained about 3% of White asbestos, otherwise known as Chrysotile.

There are nay diseases associated with asbestos which include many different forms of asbestos related cancer, the main one being Mesothelioma. As well as this, there is Asbestosis, and Pleural Thickening.
Believe it or not, Artex asbestos does not pose much of a risk in comparison to other forms of asbestos. Truth of the matter is, if left undisturbed, the asbestos is no risk at all to anyone. Artex is very stable once it is hardened and solidified on the walls. The location also reduced the risk of damage, being on walls and ceilings. When plastered into a surface, there is a low probability of the asbestos fibres escaping. Removing Artex containing asbestos is dangerous if there is no research into removal methods.

Walls being more prone to damge than ceilings will obviously be considered higher risk than ceilings with regard to damage. I would recommend removing this for them same reasons. However, for Artex Asbestos on the ceilings, I would leave if possible.
Artex in the past could only be removed by professionals that have been properly trained in doing so. These trained prodfessionals will carry out the job in the safest way possible. However, once the year 2006 hit, people have been allowed to remove asbestos if they wished, without having to pay for a professional. Now anybody can remove it if they wish, none the less, a licensed professional would be advised for proper health and safety as well as minimal fibre release.

The best way to remove Artex that contains Asbestos

Hiring a professional is the most safest way for removal of this kind of asbestos. None the less, there are ways to remove this asbestos yourself. Such a way would include a product which turns the Artex into a paste like substance which is more easily removable. By minimising fibre release this way, there is less chance of dangers arising thus, prevention of cancer in later years. There are hazards with this kind of methd being that the product itself can be dangerous and should be used with extreme care. Be sure to wear PPE when using a method such as this and read the label and instructions on the proper way to use this to get maximal effect in a safely manner.

In addition to this method, other methods involve plaster which is put over the original Artex. This method is not expensive at all in comparison to hiring professionals etc. However, the end result can look rather messy which may not be suitable to many. But then again, if you know a plasterer, Im sure they would be more than happy to help you with this subject.
If your home is relatively old and has Artex on the walls and ceiling, there is a good chance it will contain quantities of asbestos within it. Sending a small sample to a specialised company will allow you to discover if any materials in your house contain asbestos.