Remodeling Your Kitchen For Under $5,000

Remodeling Your Kitchen For Under $5,000

Using RTA kitchen cabinets saved us $4510. We shopped at a few building supply stores - found some great looking cabinets - but were not happy with the price. We also tried Direct Buy, but found that their prices were not very good either. Again they had great looking cabinets but the price was almost $10,000 dollars. On the other hand, we found RTA kitchen cabinets - that contained no particle board and had solid wood faces for more than half of the cost. It is a better product at about half the cost.

All of this was possible because I did some online research and found several RTA kitchen cabinet websites through a Google search. I typed in kitchen cabinets first and found many sites - but none had good prices. I then tried searching RTA kitchen cabinets and even RTA bathroom vanities - from this I found kitchen cabinets at about thirty percent (30%) less of a cost. It was amazing; the cabinets seemed to good to be true. I did some more research and here is what I found.

RTA kitchen cabinets and RTA bathroom vanities are as good as regular traditional cabinets. You have to assemble the product yourself, so the cost is less, but the assembly is very easy. I averaged about twenty minutes per cabinet. All the instructions were one page and the cam lock system (the connecting piece of the cabinet) was locked together with only the use of a flat head screw driver. Next I looked at the wood material and found that the better RTA cabinets use solid wood fronts and paneled wood sides. Stay away from any kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities that use particle board. Particle board is a material that is not only very cheap, but it absorbs water and will break down. Thus your cabinets, especially around the hinges will fall apart.

So the better RTA kitchen cabinets are found online and further more the best prices were found at the first or second website that I visited. I looked on the first page of Google and the top searches (not the paid searches at the beginning of the page, but right underneath that) had great pricing. I still checked a few other sites, but came back to the bigger and better RTA sites.

Since I decided to choose RTA over traditional cabinets, I ended up saving thousands of dollars and I did not sacrifice quality. My kitchen looks great and I am totally impressed with the attention that I am receiving from people who see my kitchen. Most of my guests assume that I have spent over ten thousand dollars on my kitchen renovation, but when I tell them the real cost of roughly thirty five hundred ($3500) they are really surprised. It is finally nice to find a product like RTA kitchen cabinets that offer a nice alternative to traditional cabinets. I was hesitant at first, but I am completely satisfied with this product. I am going to use the RTA bathroom vanities next and plan on saving more money with that project too.
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