Remodeling Your Kitchen- Installing Pantry Kitchen Cabinets

Remodeling Your Kitchen- Installing Pantry Kitchen Cabinets

I recently did a kitchen renovation job that we nicknamed the blues. The homeowners had a case of the blues, because their kitchen was stuck in the seventies. Furthermore, their kitchen was literally covered in blue. The tiles were blue, with white accent tiles sporadically placed, the cabinets were blue (yes you read that right) and the refrigerator was blue as well. The stove and dishwasher were white, but you get the idea of how blue things were. We decided a complete redesign would cure all of these blues.

We completely gutted the kitchen. Appliances, the blue kitchen cabinets, two large pantry kitchen cabinets, and we stripped the walls of the ugly tiles. After this was done we realized that one of the walls could be knocked out as well. It would be nice to open this wall, but the homeowners also wanted an option to keep part of that wall closed. This is where we turned to the pantry kitchen cabinets. It youre not familiar with a pantry--a quick definition is as follows: a pantry kitchen cabinet or a kitchen pantry cabinet is a large closet type cupboard in your kitchen. There are a few different styles of height and width. It is eighty four to ninety six inches tall and about eighteen inches to two feet wide. There are also what used to be referred to as "butler pantries,", which are really just modified closets for storing food. These are the large cabinets that you see in the corners of kitchens. It is basically a food storage cupboard and the name comes from the old style -large, walk in pantries that were in most eighteenth and nineteenth century house designs.

The homeowners were on a budget, so I suggested RTA cabinets. (Ready to assemble cabinets - which are pre-assembled cabinets). These cabinets saved the homeowner $3200 dollars (Three Thousand - Two Hundred Dollars) over a quote they received from Lowes. The homeowners were actually familiar with the RTA style kitchen cabinets but were unsure if the RTA cabinets carried the pantry kitchen cabinets. After I informed the homeowners that RTA kitchen cabinets, not only make pantry kitchen cabinets, but the RTA cabinets are actually a better quality than retail stores like IKEA, Home Depot or Lowes.

So finally we got to the kitchen, installed RTA kitchen cabinets, painted the kitchen a nice white (no blue), added some accent tiles in a nice shade of brown, and then came to the wall that was removed. We added one pantry to this wall and then had an open space that the homeowners wanted to keep open but also have an option to close it off. This is where we decided to use a double pantry that acts like a false wall. When you opened the double pantry doors, it did not open into a cupboard; instead it opened into the other room. It was a great idea and it demonstrates how there are many uses for a pantry kitchen cabinet. So make sure you add a pantry cabinet to your kitchen and start thinking of the many ways it can be used.
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