Relational Power for Social Confidence

Relational Power for Social Confidence

This is one of my favorite topics because if you look for it, its elusively all around us and yet is one of the greatest keys to power itself;

its who YOU are and how you behave in relation to all other power.

Its YOUR true relationship to all representative power itself (and this includes celebrity, popularity, power, money, sex, beauty).

That is the key to whether others can trust you to open up to you and begin a new relationship. Theyre unconsciously looking at you to see what kind of true relationship you have with them.

Thats the REAL test for those people letting you in or not, otherwise you wont be able to stay around them for long.

Those who keep their power earn respect and more power. Those who give it up are at the shallower end of (upcoming) the gene pool.

Do you think that a Tom cruise could truly trust an autograph-seeking fan? Could he give away details of his life to them?

I mean its quite clear who has the power in that situation. No, hes going to sign his autograph, maybe do a quick chat and leave. That relationship is quite limited because its essentially a stimulus-response relationship.

Unless that other person is equal in relational power or has some value to offer, hes not going to open up to that person.

Power looks for its equal and power is above those who acknowledge its social place.

So why do men keep approaching any and all beautiful women as if theyre obviously aware of her power but hes just wanting a quick fix (throw a pick-up line out/get an autograph and then be ultimately rejected)?

Its astounding isnt it?

Pre-Dating or the phase before anything ever happens is really just a relational power game. Yet thats the reason why men fail to establish relationships with sexy and beautiful women.

Theyve already given up their power to the women and its quite obvious. Either through his body language or his nervous energy in communicating with her, hes not aware of the true reason why hes not succeeding.

Shes the stimulus (as society promotes) and she DOES have power (socially), but hes the response. ANY type of relationship WILL be limited. She cant view him as a sexual interest because she clearly cannot trust him from the get-go.

No amount of him explaining himself is going to do it either. He either has power in relation to her or he doesnt. Doesnt matter if hes a guy who is comfortable in his own skin around his buddies; what matters to her is his relation to her.

He has to be her equal in relational power or greater in order for her to even trust him so they can begin a relationship.

When he DOES have the power and keeps it so that he can connect and behave interdependently with other people of power as true equals, THEN he has the strongest interpersonal skillset; his nonverbal body language will be saying all the right things without trying.

Fortunately for men; relational power itself is also VALUE. Because if youre strong enough to be one of the few men in her adult life that doesnt have a physiological reaction to HER level of social status and power (and she realizes it which she should), shes going to be interested.

And you WANT women interested because it gives you more options and thus even MORE power.

When you do have power in relation to other sources of power, you will BEHAVE as the same man, before, during and after your interaction with them.

Theres no putting on a game face because you already understand your relationship to the power that women are leveraging and represent BEFORE you meet them.

Sure, you can learn how to be an expert autograph-seeker (phone number seeker) - limiting your relationships with beautiful, desirable women to opening them and then essentially getting rejected in the big picture.

Even when you do get their autograph/phone number (if its real), their relationship to you is that there isnt going to BE a relationship because they couldnt trust you to be truly independent in relation to them.

You can learn how to approach thousands and get a little different form of response rejection from each of them but you still lose. Does getting autographs make you a better man?

Wouldnt you rather have REAL relationships forming? Plus the power to be able to form new relationships whenever you want?

If youre the response to her power, that means shes #1 and youll keep draining her energy. Theres no way she can trust you to be independent and come together for a truly win/win relationship.

In the bedroom she expects a man to be a man and lead her so that she can let go and respond to his energy.

Its asexual for her to always have the power that society gave her; she dreams of escaping all of that pressure. Man is the one with power naturally to attract women and you can take them away without being a jerk.

Understand and apply relational dynamics and your behavior and lifestyle will change more than any amount of appeasing or autograph-seeking relationship technique could ever do.

I can teach you how to be powerful in relation to any other power or person on earth and I lead by example. It will eradicate fear, anxiety, incongruity and nervous behavior.

Heck, applied relational dynamics will also help you overcome your fear of public speaking.

So are you going to finally BE that man who has power in relation to the power that women represent so that they can finally open up to you or are you going to keep doing the same thing and remaining in a limited type of relationship with them?

Alpha R.D. is the power to behave congruently and attract even seduce (of course) the most beautiful women in the world. Your other characteristics are small in comparison to relational power because shell never see them anyways if you dont have the power.

Go Alpha!

-Rion Williams