Rebound Relationships: How Can You Win Your Ex Back

Rebound Relationships: How Can You Win Your Ex Back

Youve been dumped, felt "ill" about it for a bit but realized it was time to get out of your funk. Youve decided that you want your ex back and have made a plan to win them back. Theres just one little hitch... your ex is dating someone else. Now what?

With this little known fact, do you actually have a chance to win your ex back? Should you move on with your life without them in it or should you stand your ground and get them back? Its likely youll have many questions running through your mind and little answers to suffice them.

The first thing you need to remember is to remain calm. Panicking can only hurt your situation. The reality is...dont feel threatened with the knowledge that your ex has already started a new relationship. This "rebound" relationship can work to your advantage. How so? It demonstrates your exs need for someone to be in his or her life. That means there was no way else for them to deal with the fact of losing you (even if they were the ones who dumped you) and they had to have someone there to fill the void.

Heres something that should have you breathing easy... nearly 95 percent of all rebound relationships fail within the first month. If thats the case, then why do they occur? They occur because the other person wants to see if they can move on without you in their lives. It might also serve you well if you find a rebound relationship yourself. After all, you want to be sure that your ex is the one you want to be with? How else will you know this if you dont date someone else either? Still, you dont have to have a rebound relationship to know this for sure.

With statistics about rebound relationships on your side, you really have no worries about not being able to get your ex back. Think of the new relationship this way... its their way of coping that you are not a part of their lives again.

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