MS Excel Common Corruption Issues and Precautions

MS Excel Common Corruption Issues and Precautions

For the users intended for making the spreadsheets for a range of purposes, Microsoft offered an application called MS Excel. This application, which comes bundled with the Microsoft Office suit, offers pivot tables and graphing tools like features along with the usual functions of spreadsheet.

Whereas the corruption like problems have always been a menace to the users who rely on this application for the storage of valuable data. They later on realize the need of Excel recovery. However the belief of file corruption sometimes proves to be an illusion. There are few of the precautions and solutions which will let your files to keep out from the hazard of corruption:

• Sometimes the insertion of various drawings, graphics and other objects in a single file causes the corruption and sometimes makes the misapprehension of it.

• Try to avoid the chain of copying the files. Alternatively you can a boilerplate sheet and try to copy from this each time. In the else case, you can get Sheet111111111111111111 error with Excel 97 which is an indicative of file corruption.

• In the case of getting illegal operation error, try to copy the worksheets to some another new workbook in a sequence. This helps in tracking out which specific worksheet is problematic.

• If you desire to insert drawing objects, then complete this into a separate file. After this, group all of them and paste the one object into the actual file. This reduces the chances with this effect.

• For the files which are used often and by the number of users, always standardize the formatting. This is due to the reason that different cells may be lying with different formats which is the another reason of corruption.

But the hard fact is that instead of applying the line of precautions, you cant avoid the Excel file corruption. This can help in avoidance from file corruption but cant resist it. So you need to look for the means of Excel repair.

As the file corruption can be the outcome of any of the cause, the XLS repair tool must be valuable in this respect. The Excel repair software will do this part as they make the scan of the corrupted file, without having any regard to the reason. These software, which are of different brand names, run for different file versions of Excel. Thus make the choice accordingly.

Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery software, the most trustworthy name in this respect, will help you out from all the weird situations of data loss. The Excel files mean a lot to the users and thus a little alteration can make it violable, thus this XLS repair utility has been designed read-only.

You can use this Excel repair software with Excel 97, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007. Operable for repairing each Excel object, the software provides the easy to use interface. Just try out the free demo version of this Excel recovery software for hecking the efficiency of the software. This demo version can be downloaded from Stellars website.