MLM Marketing Systems How To Follow Up Like An MLM Pro

MLM Marketing Systems How To Follow Up Like An MLM Pro

MLM Marketing Systems - Learn how to follow up up like an MLM Pro with effective and simple tips when promoting MLM business.

Most companies do send out a lot of their DVD presentations or giving the companys presentation to a lot of people, but they are not getting people to call them back. Well its not new anymore because a lot of companies experience this, and your company might be one of those. One thing that you need to understand is that timing has a lot to do with if someone says yes to your opportunity. Today might be the wrong time but tomorrow, circumstances might change and now theyre suddenly very open to looking at your MLM opportunity. You also have to consider that people are just busy, youre busy, were all busy. Your friend might actually wanna hear more about your opportunity but the fires of the day are drowning them that they simply havent found the time to get back to you. Thats why its important to have your own system of follow up. You wanna be there for when your friend has the time and its finally right for them. So we will give you some tips for following up with people. First of all, theres a lot of ways to follow up with people, theres the telephone, theres email, theres direct mail, or physically visiting them,and now you can even follow up using social media.

When youre following up with someone to set an appointment we suggest that you always try to use the telephone. There are cases that nothing really started happening in the MLM business until you picked up the phone to start calling with people. We are not talking about cold calling, but we are talking about getting back in touch with someone after youve already talked to them to set up an appointment. We know for some of you picking up a phone is about as heavy as a 100 lbs brick. But the more you do it the more the easier it gets. And we can tell you from experience that you wont get a lot of response setting up appointment using email,direct mail or even social media like Facebook and twitter. Now the second tip is you always want to have a reason to contact them again. You might wanna ask them on your first discussion for permission to follow up with them in the later time so its not a surprise when you do give them a call. If youve given someone a sample or something you should find out if they have the chance to try the sample and ask them what they thought about it. From time to time you call someone up and let them know that there are some other information that you want to pass on to them. “When you follow up, youre trying to help that person make a better decision and so you want to ask yourself...What can I share with her or him that will help her or him make a better decision? ". The key is to always add value. Now a third tip would be to use a contact management system to keep track to those you need follow up with and when you need to follow up with them. This could be as simple as a notebook or 3 by 5 card with some notes on them. Or for you Techies, you could even use Microsoft Outlook or Google calendar. Another option is a software product like Oprius that was built for direct selling industry. This would be very useful in MLM Network Marketing for managing your contacts. But just remember if you use technology and you teach your team to use it, youll be complicating the process, and any complications will always slow down your team.

The forth tip would be for you set aside your phone calling times in blocks. The first call will be the most intimidating but the next call will be a lot easier and the rest of your calls will be really easy. The fifth tip is always remember what the objective of your follow up is. If its just getting an appointment then keep it at that. Dont make some presentation like about MLM companies because there is a right time for that. Just get the appointment and end the phone call. The sixth tip is to get a good headset. It sounds trivial but its not. A headsets gonna allow you to call people in comfort, and its gonna free your hands to work with your computer. Phone Headsets are just cheap. Go down to your local store and buy one. The seventh tip is dont get down just because someone doesnt want to set an appointment with you. Some people will be interested in your business and others wont. Thats the fact of life. If someone isnt interested, just say thank you and move on and continue to be their friend. Youll be surprised with at how many people will come back after some time and want to know more after theyve said no to you. And finally if someone doesnt wanna know more about your MLM business opportunity, dont hang up the phone until youve ask this golden question. The question goes like this, “Is there someone you work with or someone you know who might be interested in generating a secondary income”. Always ask for referrals, always. This business is very simple. Just remember to be successful in this business all you need to do is start a friendship with someone new everyday. Invite someone new to hear your company story everyday. Or follow up with someone that youve told that story too everyday and then start teaching other people to do the same thing.

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