Is It Possible To Make Your Boyfriend Call You?
Is It Possible To Make Your Boyfriend Call You?

Is It Possible To Make Your Boyfriend Call You?

Life is full of riddles, some of which we would rather do without. One of the areas where we expect to receive the greatest joy is in our relationships, yet this is one place where we often face a number of challenges. While the men say that they find it difficult to understand us, we are actually more open than they are. It may be very frustrating for you as you try to figure out what your boyfriend could be thinking while you would like to talk with him. He is just a phone call away but he does not use the opportunity.

Many men tend to be so closed up that we need special skills to crack them open. You can not succeed in this effort when you do not have some understanding of their thinking patterns. If you find that your boyfriend hardly calls you up, you wont solve the matter by picking up the phone and calling him instead.

Check the pattern in your relationship

Many of us unwittingly encourage our men to forget about calling by the habits we develop early on in our relationships. For instance, you may see no harm in calling him whenever you feel like talking. Unfortunately, this will create a pattern where he will simply wait for you to call. Even without consciously thinking about it, he will know that you will call when you do not receive his call. In such a case, he wont bother calling.

Change tact

The best method you should apply in making your boyfriend start calling you is to stop calling him in the first place. If you keep calling him, he will see no reason to call you. Let him miss your calls and he will take the initiative to call you in order to find out what is happening. There is hardly a man who is not curious. Use this to your advantage by enhancing his curiosity.

So, if you are wondering whether it is possible to change your boyfriend to be calling you, the answer is yes. Simply put, dont call him and he will call you instead. This is not as simple as it sounds. You need to show a great deal of determination to keep away from the phone.

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