Iron Gym Pull-Up Bar Review

Iron Gym Pull-Up Bar Review

Ive never been fat, in fact, I consider myself skinny. I do not need to work out to lose weight, rather to ""bulk up."" I have taken the route of a gym membership but something always seems to keep me from going to the gym to work out. Whether it be my lazy nature, or my hectic schedule, it just never works out. Not to mention the monthly gym membership costs just going towards nothing but eating a hole in my wallet, I needed a better choice. Something that allowed me to work out when I needed it.

After doing a bit of research online, I came across the Iron Gym. To be quite honest this seemed to be another one of those ""too good to be true"" gimmicks that would just sit in the closet never getting any use. I couldnt have been more wrong. I ordered the Iron Gym with full intentions on using it, and use it I did. Once I got the Iron Gym delivered to my door, I was ready to rock. I got that thing put together in what I thought was a new time record (17 minutes) even though the directions looked like it would take hours. Once the pull-up bar was finished, I hung it on my bedroom door frame. After getting the appropriate music rocking on my ipod, I got to working out.

Once I finished my routine, I thought to myself, ""I could see this really working!"" I remember saying that several more times upon completing my daily regimen, each time with more and more confident that this product was right for me. I was working out on the Iron Gym pull up bar twice a day, for about twenty minutes each go. I would do this approximately four times a week, sometimes less if my busy lifestyle got in the way. After two weeks, I had already started seeing results. My arms were looking bigger, my chest was feeling more tight, and overall I just felt better. Working out with the Iron Gym pull up system has benefited me greatly. So far, it has been four months since Ive started a work out with the iron gym, and Im feeling fantastic. Ive increased my bicep size 1.2 inches, my chest is flat and toned, and the days of man boobs are no more. I really owe my physical shape to the Iron Gym home workout system, and I say that in all seriousness. No other product out there can give me the flexibility to work out in a small amount of space, for that short of a time period, and produce results like that. I would recommend the Iron Gym pull up bar to friends and relatives with one and only one caution - When they say to make sure the door frame has at least a quarter inch of molding on it, definitely make sure. You could lose valuable work out time nursing a sore tailbone when the thing snaps off the door and you land on your behind!

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