Indoor Lotion Tanning

Indoor Lotion Tanning

Indoor tanning continues to grow in popularity and more and more terrific indoor lotion tanning products are available for sale online. Be sure to check out these quality products.

1. Fiesta Sun
Rednecked Woman? Tabu Tini? This is a line thats designed not only to get you a golden brown tan but to have some fun doing it. Theyll exceed your wildest dreams when it comes to getting that perfect tan. There line of tanning products will have you looking great. Hemp extracts that hydrate the skin combined with 15 natural plant extracts that promote healthy skin while giving you that gorgeous tan!

2. Australian Gold
Australian Gold has SPF protection from 8 to 30 and they also have a full line of tanning lotions that have no protection designed especially for the pros. Their products are filled with wonderful botanicals that nourish and enrich the skin while giving you the edge on that beautiful tan. All their products are nature-based to promote the darkest tan and healthiest-looking skin possible. Are you up for a Love Monkey?

3. Caribbean Gold
Those that love a little attitude will love the Caribbean Gold line with Body Candy and Sexy Kitten knocking at your door. They recognize that for the sun worshipper tanning is a way of life and so their line not only provides an awesome tan its also packed with lots of vitamins, antioxidants to keep your skin healthy. Try one their 10 cutting edge lotions.

4. Ultimate
This fun line has some advanced technology that makes it the perfect indoor tanning lotion. And what fun with names like Sex on the Beach, or Riot? Be sure to check out the rest of their interesting names.

5. Egyptian Source
Egyptian source has a full line designed for all types of tanners from the very beginner to professional. There lotions have a wonderful aromatherapy blend that not only smells great it nourishes all skin types. And these guys are well known for their ability to produce mega-dark tans providing the ultimate tanning experience

There are lots superior indoor tanning products on the market. Each have their own unique ingredients to offer. Try a few. It wont be long before you find the one you love.

When you are choosing a lotion be sure to choose one thats appropriate to your skin type and the level of tan you have. Choosing a professional tanning lotion when you barely have a tan wont result in an amazing tan but rather it will result in a horrible burn.

Products that say professional tanning mean just that. Be patient, and start with a beginner product that will nourish your skin and enhance your ability to tan, then when youve got a great base you can move into the more potent blends.

All the top notch manufacturers that produce professional products also produce products for every level of tanner. After all they want to help you reach your full potential too. So you can have the benefits of these quality lotions from beginning to end. What a treat!

So are you ready to start shopping for terrific indoor lotion tanning products online?

About The Author:
Claris has worked for a tanning salon for more than 5 years and has extensive knowledge on both tanning methods of products such as lotions, sun screen and home tanning beds. At , Claris will give you a 2-Week "Perfect Tan" regiment that will provide you with the exact shade that you want without sacrificing your skin health.