Improve my Voice - Techniques for Better Vocal Tone and Confidence

Improve my Voice - Techniques for Better Vocal Tone and Confidence

"How can I improve my voice?" You ask yourself that question over and over again. And every time you do so, you only feel worse as you hear your voice that is far from being manly. If your voice is too high-pitched for an adult man, dont despair. You can learn several techniques to lower the tone of your voice.

1. Work out your throat and vocal chords.

A few weeks of regular exercise, which can be done anytime and anywhere, is one of the well-known methods to improve ones voice. In most cases, simple exercises that involve the throat, diaphragm, and other muscles are all men need to get a deeper voice.

Did you know that an exercise as simple as humming along to your favorite song is a great way to improve your voice? You can do that for 10 minutes per day (or for shorter durations as long as you reach the 10-minute target) while taking a bath, listening to music, or watching TV.

2. Practice speaking properly.

Experts advise that people speak as though the voice comes from behind the throat. When you do so, focus on the "R" sounds. That will make a lot of difference to the way your voice sounds. Practice speaking that way in front of the mirror everyday.

3. Be confident.

Men with low self-esteem are likely to speak in a softer voice. Show your confidence and it will reflect on the quality of your voice. Hold your head up while speaking-looking down will only make you mumble and sound as though youre cowering. Instead of thinking "how can I improve my voice?", youll be thinking "I wonder which girl ill pick to take home!"

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