How You Can Cleanse Your Body With Water
How You Can Cleanse Your Body With Water

How You Can Cleanse Your Body With Water

Are you concerned with your health? Do you feel sluggish or full of fatigue? If so, there may be an underlying medical condition. On the other hand, your body may be filled with unnatural chemicals, additives, and other toxins. Many of these unnaturals are found in our food and drinks. Ridding your body of these toxins and making it "pure," again may help to restore your health, or at least your energy.

Although there are some disputes among medical professionals as to whether or not there are health benefits to body cleanses and body detoxes, may still opt to give it a try. For many, the benefits outweigh the risks. There are a number of ways to detoxify the body, but the use of water tends to be the most popular. If you would like to try detoxifying your body with water, you may be wondering which approach to take.

One way that you can use water to detox or cleanse the body is with a water fast. A water fast length can greatly vary, but many fast for no more than 5 days. On a water fast, water is the only thing consumed. Solids and other liquids are eliminated from your diet. This allows your body to flush out and expels toxins, without having new ones added in.

Although many claim a water fast is the best way to detoxify the body, there are some risks involved. No foods are consumed; therefore, your body will go without important nutrients for the length of your detox. Since many of these nutrients are needed for energy, limited activity is recommended. Many are encouraged not to maintain their normal exercise routine while on a water fast. Once you resume eating healthy foods, at the conclusion of your water fast, you should notice an improvement in your energy levels. In fact, you may feel "like new."

A water fast, although it does come recommended, is not for everyone. Even where fasting is used for religious purposes, exceptions are often made for those with health conditions. For example, if you are taking prescription medicine, you should continue to do so while on a water fast. However, before making the decision to fast only on water, speak to a healthcare professional. In some cases, a fast can do more harm than good. This is common with diabetes.

In addition to fasting and only consuming water, it can be used to aid in other methods. For example, restricting calories or processed foods with additives. When limiting your food intake, as well as additives, your body can begin to detox. The process can be hurried along with the consumption of water. For added benefits, eat foods that are high in fiber. When combined, water and fiber can help to improve your digestive system, ensuring toxins are eliminated as our body originally intended.

In addition to whole body detoxification and cleansing, you will find colon cleaning. Water fasting, as highlighted above, can aid in this as well. Another approach is with the salt water flush. Although popular, the salt water flush does have some dangers, as your body will intake and may absorb high amounts of sodium. Instructions vary depending on where you find the information, but most salt water flushes involve 1 quart of room temperature water and 2 teaspoons of sea salt. It is recommended that you lay on your right side for about 30 minutes. After that, you can move around, but you will be making multiple trips to the bathroom.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that water can help you detoxify or cleanse the body. Before starting, closely examine your options. For fastest results, a water fast is advised, but remember that there are risks associated with all dietary changes. So, use your best judgment, listen to the warning signs your body displays, and seek the advice of a trained healthcare provider.

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