How to Use a Body Scrub with Ease

How to Use a Body Scrub with Ease

Body Scrub Usage 101

Using a body scrub is not exactly rocket science, but there are some things you should know before using these wonderful skin rejuvenating agents. The best way to use a body scrub is to first squeeze the body scrub onto a luffa or any similar type of sponge. Ideally this sponge will be attached to a rod of some sort because youre going to want to be able to reach all areas of the body. Applying the body scrub to the sponge is usually done right before taking a shower. When you enter the shower or bath, simply begin rubbing the scrub all over your body. Please make note that body scrubs are intended solely for the use body and not the face or neck. The face and the neck are already soft and tender and therefore do not require this sort of scrub. Products for the face and neck should be purchased separately.

When applying the body scrub to your skin, make sure you move the sponge in circular motions that are always directed towards the heart. Use consistent and gentle strokes so that every part of your body is equally treated and covered. Too much pressure can do damage to the skin and cause irritation. Make sure you sit on the edge of the shower or tub to make clean up easier. Since most people will use a body scrub in a bathroom where steam is present, it is possible that moisture could get into the body scrubs container. This will decrease the shelf life of the body scrub. Make sure to place the body scrubs container in another room before showering. An exfoliating body scrub should always be applied with some kind of scoop or rod. If no rod or scoop is present, do not try to apply the body scrub with your hands. Applying the scrub to your skin with your fingers will cause bacteria to enter the formula, and this can risk causing irritation. Also, do not use body scrubs near any cuts or spots that are very sensitive on your skin.

The end result of body scrubbing

Not only will the scrubbing process get rid of the dead layers of skin on your body, but the process will also make your skin more amenable to the moisturizer within the scrub, allowing for maximum moisturizing. This level of moisturizing will, in turn, prevent ingrown hairs and breakouts from occurring. Sabons famous body scrubs are among the most luxurious, superlative all natural body scrubs in the world, and now that you know how to properly use a body scrub, you can visit the Sabon website, for all the products you will need to make your skin soft and give it a warm glow.

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