How to Pray Effective Prayers
How to Pray Effective Prayers

How to Pray Effective Prayers

Effective prayer, what is meant by effective prayer? Effective prayer is prayer that brings about the desired results from God according to his word. Have you been praying for things, answers, provisions, healing, restoration, resolutions, intervention, and not experiencing the resultyou hoped for? Have you set false expectations or resigned yourself to its "just not Gods will"? Has some trusted 

Christian friend or leader, told you God doesnt work that way? Have you been told or heard somewhere along the way the 
problem is youre just not right with God? I think all of us have heard some of these explanations and others to explain 
away our concern or doubts. There is nothing more frustrating than praying diligently only to come up disappointed or empty 
handed. Nothing shakes a Christians faith quite as much as unanswered prayer or worse an answer we perceive to be an answer, that turns out to be exactly what we didnt want to hear. Good news God and specifically Jesus say hold on there! 

I think you have some signals crossed. Jesus explicitly stated faith is the key, then he told us exactly how to pray and the biggest factor in realizing our desires or the results we know to be Godly is, that what he told us for the most part, goes right over most of our heads.If you are not experiencing the results you know the word of God says you are to experience the first thing you must do is make some changes. If what youre doing is not working out, change it. It doesnt matter if thats the way mom or dad did it, or the way my childhood pastor or priest did it, what matters is whether or not you are experiencing effective prayer. Lets look at some of what Jesus says about prayer after all if anyone knows how to get a good result from praying I would suggest it would be Jesus.

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