How to Make Him Really Want You - 3 Tips to Peak His Interest in You

How to Make Him Really Want You - 3 Tips to Peak His Interest in You

If youve find yourself falling in love with a man, you obviously want to make him really want you too. Not all relationships are balanced when it comes to how each person feels about the other. You may be certain that your guy is your soul mate, but he may still feel a little hesitant about committing only to you. Its difficult when you know in your heart that you are his perfect match, but continually telling him that isnt going to make him fall hopelessly in love. There are a few things you can do that will peak his interest in you. Theyre simple to do and can really change the dynamic of the relationship.

1. Dont pressure him into a commitment too soon. Even something as simple as telling him that you want to date exclusively may be too much. Men need and want their freedom during the early stages of any new dating relationship. Youve got to ensure that he doesnt feel trapped or cornered by you. He wants to still be the one who chases you, so let him do that. Let him call you and ask you out and let him set the pace for when you reveal your feelings. If he feels that youre following his lead, hes going to find you that much more appealing.

2. Always give him his own time and space. This is one mistake that most of us have been guilty of when weve fallen in love. All we want to do is spend every possible moment we can with our guy and so we assume he wants the same thing. Men need time to be with their friends and also to chase their careers. If you continue to hang out with your own friends and make it known to him that you want him to do the same with his, hell find you different and captivating. Men are accustomed to being with women who want to monopolize all their time, so dont do this.

3. Keep your own life and interests intact. Have you ever given up something you loved because a man made you feel you needed to? Most of us have and it can be the first time in the end of a great relationship. Men crave to be with strong women who have rich, full, exciting lives. Dont ever change anything about your life to accommodate him. If he wants to see you on Tuesday night and you have plans that night, dont cancel them for him. Hell find you more irresistible if you show him that your life is important to you and you wont be changing it just for him.

You can peak his interest and have him chasing after you more and more if you keep the relationship balanced and your expectations in check. Focus on making yourself irresistible to him now and youll find that he cant get enough of you every day for years and years to come.

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