How to make cash with Cardboard Lead Boxes-Part 2 of 2
How to make cash with Cardboard Lead Boxes-Part 2 of 2

How to make cash with Cardboard Lead Boxes-Part 2 of 2

What does your gym need? More members? Better retention? An edge on the other guy? An increase in revenues? All of the above is likely the case. The truth is that you need a steady flow of leads coming through the doors of your club in order to be successful. The heart of Fitness360 is to assist your fitness business become and remain profitable through our portfolio of health club marketing products and services. We know that as a gym owner or manager, you have more than enough to do. Our products and services have been created to help bring new prospects to your facility, allowing you to focus your efforts on running a better club.

Our Marketing and Promotion systems encompass a full spectrum of effective, time-proven, and success-driven methods resulting in dynamic and highly profitable membership drives. Our methodology includes, but is not limited to telemarketing, direct mail, radio, email marketing, television, and corporate memberships. We literally attack and saturate your market, both corporate and residential, leaving no stone unturned.

Why use lead boxes?

Minimize Advertising Waste!

Radio, TV, and Print ads can be very costly. Also, once the ad has appeared,it is gone. When you run a pricey ad, it will reach a wide array of people. You then rely on the customer to stroll into your business. Each day that passes, the more likely the shopper cant remember about your serviceand will not contact you. A lead box stays in place and can continue to generate leads for several months.

A lead box in a well placed location can generate 5-20 leads a week. If you get twenty percent of the leads to visit your business and you close twenty percent This will give you approximately 1-3 new customers/clients a month. If you place 10 boxes, you now can generate 10-30 customers/clients a month. At a country spa, if your average member generates $37.50 a month. 10-30 new members would generate $375-$1125 per month or $4500-$13500 a year. As you expanded your marketing to twenty lead boxes, you might double these numbers. By investing in twenty-four boxes + twenty-four pens + 48 registration pads including shipping = $418. The initial start up cost is under $500. You can easily earn this investment back in as tiny as a couple of weeks. Now it is easy to see the price advantages of using lead boxes as a marketing tool!

An attractive box and artwork is vital. However, a tasty offer is even more important. 2-week to one year free memberships for health clubs tends to work best. For chiropractors, a free massage or treatment can work better than offering a simple consultation. Working with chains like Subway will allow access toward many health aware leads. In a number of cases, offering a coupon for entering their name can raise your leads dramatically.

Take the time to sit and see what the possible client is interested in accomplishing. You are looking at a potential long term customer so show them you have an interest in helping them achieve their goals or alleviating
their discomforts. Make a robust first impression without putting undue pressure to purchase your services the same day. Having a post time for them to cancel their call to join or accept services inside a 2-4 weeks
period shows that you are credible and truthful. Follow up very quickly with the possible customer as the window for signing them up is between 1-2 weeks after the original meeting.

The single best way to generate interest in your facility. Place LEAD BOXES in local businesses with heavy traffic and watch the leads come in! Patrons read your information from the LEAD BOX header (see LEAD BOX HEADER page for details), fill out the straightforward form, and drop it in the box. On a regular basis, your sales staff collects the leads, and places follow up calls.

With this program you can increase your sales by $1,500-$3,500 PER week!

Place LEAD BOXES in local businesses with high traffic and watch the leads come !.

Cardboard Leadboxes:
25 for $225
50 for $325
100 for $499
Note: Available in black. Price includes headers and 1,000 lead slips.

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I genuinely encourage you to contact me by phone, email . Your completed Club Profile Form will allow me to assess not only the needs of your club, but also the growth potential of your membership. Additionally, it will provide me with the necessary data to determine which of our Marketing and Promotion campaigns would provide the highest return on investment. You can also view all of our Marketing and Promotion options to learn more about what we do and how we do it. Our Marketing and Promotion campaigns are designed specifically for the individual business dynamics in order to maximize the results.

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