How to kill loneliness
How to kill loneliness

How to kill loneliness

Have you ever felt so alone even though you had lots of friends?
Have you ever found yourself feeling alone even though you were sitting with lots of people?
Do you sometimes feel that you are disconnected from the people surrounding you?

Most people think that loneliness is the feeling someone gets when he finds himself alone but the truth is that a person can feel lonely even if he had hundreds of people accompanying him. If you are wondering why do you feel so alone then read this article to find your answers.

Intimacy is the absence of loneliness
During college I had much more intimate connections than I have now. Even though nowadays I have much more friends still the bond was stronger between me and my friends during college time.

The main reason the bond was strong is that we used to go through exams, pain, happy events and problems together. It was as if we were all living in one boat, facing storms and enjoying sunny days together.

Intimacy is the opposite of loneliness and it can only be developed when you share your experiences with someone else, thats why superficial relationships would never prevent you from feeling lonely even if you had thousands of friends.
How to stop feeling so alone?

In order to stop feeling so alone you must:

* Form strong bonds with the people you know: Tell them about your secrets and listen to their secrets. Dont just meet them, have a superficial talk then leave but instead your conversation should be deep enough to strengthen your bond together

* Its not about the quantity: The number of friends have no effect on loneliness but its intimacy that affects loneliness greatly. Having two intimate friends is better than having one hundred friends whom you barley know.

* Dont live in your own boat: Try to find something common between you and your friends (like a hobby) then do it together. This will further strengthen the bond between you and will reduce the feelings of loneliness, The ultimate source for self understanding, 10,000,000 Million visits and counting