How To Get Your Ex To Beg You To Take Them Back
How To Get Your Ex To Beg You To Take Them Back

How To Get Your Ex To Beg You To Take Them Back

Sometimes I really wonder if relationships are really worth it. When I think of all the bad that come along with it, the anger, the pain and god knows what else. But then when I think of life without a partner, how lonely, no one to share my feelings with, it is sure that relationships are not so bad after all. Also after being happy with my partner for more than 5 years I can proudly say that I would not want it the other way. Fights, misunderstanding and sometimes even break ups are all part of a relationship. If you have just gone through a break up, this article is what you need to get your ex back.

It is important for you to understand that the method I am going to tell you about is not a one day thought, or written just by thinking about what can be done to fix a break up. It is the work of years of experience put down in one place so that it can help couples who have just gone through a break up but still have the fire of love burning inside for their ex. I have been through a few break ups in the past even with my actual boyfriend, but I made it through, why? Because I have learned from my past mistakes and know how to get my partner to forgive me even when our relationship was almost over.

If this is your first break up, you need to out your pride aside and learn to communicate with your partner. Pride is often the main reason why people break up and do not talk, I know how NOT easy it is to admit that you have screwed up. Well, if you cannot do that yet then you can consider your task to get your ex back a lost battle. So, put your pride in the drawer and lock it there then go talk to your ex, open your heart and let everything out from there. Your ex might be shocked seeing your reaction if it is the first time you are doing it.

On following days you need to get your ex to see both sides of the story. Once you have talked to them, it is easier to do so. When you have made the effort to tell your ex that you accept that you have screwed up, it is a normal reaction for your ex to say that it was not your fault then start telling you everything they have done wrong. This is where things start turning in your favor and you better take advantage of the situation to get your ex back.


Ruby Mora has been as a relationship adviser to her friends for a long time. Mostly dealing with delicate situations like a break ups where the partners wanted to get their ex back. She recommends reading The Magic Of Making Up, an e-book that has already helped thousands of couples to get back together.