How To Gain Your Chinchillas Trust
How To Gain Your Chinchillas Trust

How To Gain Your Chinchillas Trust

For a Chinchilla to get used to you as its new owner can certainly take a toll most especially if you are able to purchase a type of Chinchilla that is not tamed. You need to earn the trust of your pet Chinchilla before it can be tamed when it comes to dealing and interacting with you. One of the things that you can primarily do to ensure the trust of your pet is to provide it with care and love. Dont feel discouraged if after a few months you still have not gained the trust of your pet because it really takes a long time for Chinchillas to get adjusted.

It is much harder to tame chinchillas as compared to dogs or cats. They can be very smug and will usually demand to be respected. They dont respond when their name is called. But if you want your pet to trust you greatly, here are some of the things that you might want to try and do:

- Give your pet treats that it deserve. Make sure that the treats are ready all the time.

- Talk to your pet regularly even if they dont respond. They are smart and will give you credit for your effort.

These are just two of the things that you can try in order to gain the trust of your pet Chinchilla. Below are also some of the things that you should avoid.

- Handle your pet with care as its body can be very delicate. Avoid carrying your pet too often and then touching its ribcage a lot.

- Make sure that you tighten your pet towards your chest or body whenever you carry it.

- Dont squeeze or hold your pet too tight. It will squeal when it gets hurt or worse, it can bite you.

- Make your pet feel safe and secured when in your arm by covering their face with your hand. They want to see and feel that they have a protector in you.

- Dont hold your pet at the tip of its tail.

Here are some indications that your pet Chinchilla already trusts you.

* It snuggles close to you

* It allows you to stroke it

* It follows you around

* It comes close to see whats in your palm

* Sniffs you and your clothing

* Allows you to play with its tail

* Sniffs your nose