How To Build Trust In A Relationship - Top 7 Ways To Build Relationship Trust
How To Build Trust In A Relationship - Top 7 Ways To Build Relationship Trust

How To Build Trust In A Relationship - Top 7 Ways To Build Relationship Trust

One of the biggest killers of any relationship is a lack of trust. When its broken its hard to get back and infidelity is one of the main culprits. Even when couples stay together the suspicion that exists can be hard to deal with leading to further issues down the road.

But sometimes to build trust in a relationship may simply come down to being a little counterintuitive. Many couples seem to think for their union to work that variety is the key. Well, if you are going down this road then think again because believe it or not, predictability is considered more important.

Lets face it, variety is great in some instances but how many people actually can afford to take regular holidays, have regular dinner dates or go to the movies on a regular basis. In this article, we want to give you seven ways you can build trust in a relationship and none of them have much to do with variety.

Trust Building Relationship Tips

1. You need to be predictable. In other words be consistent on a daily basis. Trust is built on consistent principles. Its nice to have some of the variety we mentioned above but consistency is key in keeping trust alive.

2. Body language is another key trust issue. For example, when you are telling your partner something make sure your body language matches the words coming out of your mouth otherwise suspicions can be created. If you are trying to explain something and your body language is acting in a diferent fashion then your partner is not hearing you but watching you and your message gets lost in transit. Theyll be wondering whats he/she got to hide.

3. Have faith in your partners ability to do things. If you are continually mocking or doubting their competency then get ready for the proverbial "bubble to burst" at some stage in the partnership.

4. Be careful not to play the secrets game. Did you know keeping secrets is one of the hardest things to do even when youre the only person who knows? Its effort that is wasted and should be channeled back into a relationship. Secrets hurt relationships and destroy trust.

5. Always be clear on where you stand. For example, dont continually let your partner second guess what you need. Be up front and let them know.

6. Earn your partners respect by saying no occasionally. Too many people will say neither yes or no after they get a request. Many simply say yes thinking they are doing the right thing but the occasional no is healthy and while it may cause some initial resentment, it will earn you respect.

7. Dont "sweep issues under the carpet." To build trust in a relationship couples must embrace growth and that comes through getting through the crisis or times when things dont go smoothly. Always get things out in the open.

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