How to accelerate wound healing.
How to accelerate wound healing.

How to accelerate wound healing.

Science has advanced our knowledge of wound care significantly over the last few decades. No longer is "letting it air out" seen as a safe and effective method of healing. Instead, moist healing has been found to be most effective for healing, providing significantly less scarring than dry healing. Keeping a wound moist maintains a constant temperature at the healing site, and allows the cells to move and regenerate better; this allows for faster healing and less chance of scar development. While one should never remove a scab that has already formed, preventing a scab from forming by moistening a wound is the best way to help a wound heal faster and with less scaring.

Oxygen Free Radicals

When a wound occurs, oxygen free radicals, also called reactive oxygen species (ROS), are created. These ROS molecules are unstable, containing unpaired electronics which are highly reactive, seeking to steal and bond with electrons from other molecules, thus creating more ROSs. This cycle continues, and can, in some cases, end up destroying living cells in and around the wound, slowing the healing time, and in some cases, putting a complete halt to healing. In severe cases, this healing can be halted to such an extent that the wound becomes susceptible to contamination, and problems such as infection.

Medical researchers have been working on products to help remove the oxygen free radicals from open wounds. One product, walled Wound-Be-Gone, has an active ingredient that can remove these radicals, while also forming a barrier over the wound to protect it from the environment, keeping the wound clean and accelerating healing. This gel also provides a protective layer over the wound, maintains constant moisture and temperature, allows the gel to penetrate the open wound, and creates the perfect conditions for would healing.

Wound-Be-Gone helps to heal, effectively reduce pain, swelling, and scarring in wounds of any severity. Effective in private and clinical settings, this revolutionary healing gel accelerates the healing process in all wounds by binding with free oxygen radicals that are created at the injury site. When an injury occurs, free oxygen radicals are a type of byproduct that is created, which can significantly slow healing, even causing further damage to healthy tissue surrounding the wound. Wound-Be-Gone neutralizes these radicals, by binding with them, and removing them from the healing process.
Wound-Be-Gones ability to reduce inflammation and removal of free oxygen radicals helps wounds of any type, from simple scrapes to severe burns and deep tissues wounds, to regenerate more quickly, and with less scar tissue formation. The impressive healing properties of Wound-Be-Gone have been proven in multiple clinical trials, with a variety of wound types.

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