Homemade Halloween Costumes For 2008

Homemade Halloween Costumes For 2008

Making your own Halloween costumes would merely require some easy to look for materials, some help from the kids, your collective creativity, and some quality time to spend. Sounds good? Then read on.

Imagine that its the day before Halloween, and yesterday was the last work day before your short leave. And because your life has become too busy, you dont remember the last time you spent quality time with your wife and kids. Now the kids approach you saying that they need Halloween costumes. Well, this is your big opportunity to spend quality time with them. Not at the malls costume store, but within your home or at the back yard. Imagine how excited the kids would get when you tell them your Homemade Halloween Costumes idea.

So what costumes would you be able to make? There are simple ones, like the usual white ghost costume wherein you simply need an old, no-longer-used white blanket and cut out eyeholes from it; or a mummy costume wherein you simply need a roll of tissue paper from the bathroom to wrap your kid in it. But this would be like a click of the fingers, which would be no fun at all, and the kids would end up disappointed. This is where creativity becomes useful. You have to think up a decent Halloween costume thats fun and easy to make - say a terra cotta warrior costume.

Surprised? Its actually not that hard to make. All youll need are scissors, a whole lot of cardboards to cut, some glue, and a decent amount of strings. This costume would mostly require little square cardboard cuts, attached one after the other by strings going through holes at the corners of the cardboard cut outs. Notice how the body armors of actual Chinese terra cotta soldiers are made of square plates? There are what the square cuts are supposed to be. For parts like the helmet, the bracers, and the greaves, youll need to be more creative and have to make folds or bends, and stick cut outs over each other, thus the need for some glue. With merely these materials you should be able to make the costume. Theres no need for coloring here because the regular cardboard color would pass for the color of terra cotta.

With that done, you can have a break. A little snack with the kids would do. What would then be better than your wifes cookies and juice? Now thats quality time with the family.

Back to the costume making, what would the other costume be? Say an Indian war chief. All youll need here are scissors, cardboard to cut, strings, pine leaves, and some of your wifes lipstick, if shes willing to give one up. How to make the costume? Youll need one more thing: Creativity.

These are all it takes to make your own Homemade Halloween Costumes . It would definitely be more of a benefit than a loss. Waste of time? No. Its more like family time.

You dont need to show up for a Halloween event looking like a loser (unless thats your costume idea). You can put a cheap costume together without spending all of your soap and egg money. With a little thought, cheap Halloween costumes are easy.

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