Holiday 2011? Celebrities choose Ibiza
Holiday 2011? Celebrities choose Ibiza

Holiday 2011? Celebrities choose Ibiza

We asked to some celebrities during the last events to anticipate us their favourite destination for Summer 2011: Ibiza was the most cited destination...

We asked for confirmation about this trend in an interview with Francesco Pianelli, Ibiza Know How Manager and well-known PR on the island.

Hello Francesco, we are interviewing the most famous event organizers to earn informations about the trends for next summer (2011). We came up to you, without any it risults from our surveys that Ibiza is one of the favorite destinations for next summer ...

Certainly, Ibiza has always been the favorite destination for Italian and international celebrities who find Ibiza as the right mix of transgression, relaxation and fun ... that’s the true Ibiza style. It’s not coincidence that the Ibiza clubs are on the crest of wave for over 20 years .. well, there is a reason if you are here to interview me ... definitely some satisfied customers are the best reference! (Laughter)

Francesco .... tell us about your "Island celebrities"?
Ibiza is an island offering fun, glamour, sports, food and everything you would expect from an unforgetable holidays..... the tourism supply is so wide and diverse that it is impossible to get bored.

Alessia Marcuzzi, Naomi Campbell, Patrizio Bertelli (Prada CEO), Bankers and Geneva jet set ... sport stars such as Valentino Rossi, Roberto Mancini (Manchester coach) and Frank Lampard are your customers from since, as several newspapers testified, so you are a reference point for the big names every year on the island ..... Can you tell us some big name who have already booked for Summer 2011?

In general I can say that the turnout and reservations are increasing and anticipating a possible overbooking. Names I can’t do........

I’m feeling I am in front of a kind of Ibiza’s guru.... I expect from you the confirmation about a big gossip ... some voices indicates that George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis has set their wedding in Ibiza and booked your most luxurious villa, can you anticipate the exact date?

I just can say that we have been mandated by a Los Angeles Agency to look for a super exclusive property for a major event ... at international level.

Some name ??
Privacy is our prerogative; many clients choose us because it... we offer them what they wants.
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