Glass Splashbacks, Are They As Good As People Say?
Glass Splashbacks, Are They As Good As People Say?

Glass Splashbacks, Are They As Good As People Say?

Thinking of give your kitchen a face lift? Why not add a touch of class with a coloured "glass splashback?"

For those of you wondering, what the hecks a glass splash back? Ill explain... A kitchen splashback is the area between the worktop and the uderside of the kitchen wall unit, this is the area which is usually tiled.

But the new look for kitchens right now is "coloured glass splashbacks" which come in a wide range of colours, in fact you can have any colour you want as the paint can be mixed to create any colour. And they really do give a classy look to ones kitchen.

One of the main benefits of having "glass splashbacks" is, theyre so easy to clean unlike traditional tiles there is no grout lines for dust and dirt to accumulate, they just need a simple wipe over with a cloth and there done. One tip Id like to give is... Shop around as the coloured glass splash backs are quite dear in price but I must say well worth it when you see the end product in your kitchen.

Glass splashbacks are a modern and stylish and are a must-have kitchen or bathroom design accessory. or bathroom. And are quickly becoming the preferred alternative to traditional tiling. Not only are they more stylish but they are much easier and faster to install than tiles and are far more hygenic as there are no lines to grout.

Glass splashbacks are made of 6mm toughened glass, and are beautifully coloured which are very popular in uk. And not only are they suited for the traditionally tiled area of your kitichen, but you can install your coloured glass splashbacks in your bathroom too as they make durable and elegant shower enclosures. Here on our wesite you can see samples of some of our recent installations, form which yoo can see how your kitchen could look with one of our beautifully coloured glass splashbacks.

Glass splashbacks are a great way to add a splash of colour to your kitchen. Glass splashbacks can be made to suite your tastes in any colour you choose. Not only do the look great but they are much more hygienic than traditional tiling, and are much easier to clean and take the spits and spats of cooking in their stride. The highly reflective surface provides a lifetime colour guarantee, giving the product an impressive longevity.

Glass splashbacks are so easy to maintain because there are no grout lines, leaving nowhere for dirt or grime to settle. A simple wipe over after use and your splashbacks are clean and back in perfect condition. As theyre made from glass they are water resistant so theyre also highly suitable for wet areas like the bathroom, giving any area you install them a very stylish appearance as they give a clean, elegant look. Glass splashbacks can also create a feeling of more light and space.

Glass splashbacks are referred to as one of the best additions to any kind of kitchen design. The diamante glass, which is commonly used for preparing frameless shower screen and kitchen splashbacks, has a lower iron content imparting extreme optical clearness. Which Also has high resistance to impact, heat and moisture. All glass splashbacks and worktops and can be made in any colour and to any shape including cut outs for sockets.