Funny Surprises To Expect When You Turn 50
Funny Surprises To Expect When You Turn 50

Funny Surprises To Expect When You Turn 50

When you are a child you cant help - but get excited when your birthday rolls around. It is the one time of year where you get to decide everything that happens. But the older you get the more that excitement seems to fade for most people. Birthdays become just another day that no one seems to remember - not even you.

When we reach 20 we are excited that we are one step closer to be given the responsibility and legal choice to do whatever we want (hint drinking!). When 30 rolls around we start to get the nagging feeling that we are getting old - but we still enjoy our life and we are happy with this new milestone. By the time 40 rolls around we are becoming more depressed as the wrinkles start to appear on our face and everything we talk about seems old fashioned and in the wrong generation.

Then 50 comes and we just want to go and hide out under a rock somewhere that no one can find us. Yes we have finally reached the age where we wished no one could remember how old we are and would never think about how every day we are getting older. But that doesnt mean we still cant have a bit of fun or I should say people will have fun at our expense.

The 50th birthday party is a tradition that was created by children in order to torture their parents as payback for all of those years they said no. Thats right! All of you soon to be 50 year olds better hold onto your hats and get ready for the ultimate gags and birthday jokes because they are coming full steam ahead.

In order to prepare you for whats to come I am going to hint at a few things to look out for. First off are the decorations. Black balloons will be everywhere because after all you are getting old and therefore one step closer to the grave. Yes I said it! You can also expect to receive birthday cards that have the best in birthday jokes about how you cant read anything without your glasses.

After the birthday jokes are over there comes the banners that read "Over the hill" and other such things. But the real gag gifts come when they give you a cane or my personal favorite - an inflatable walker.

Just remember not to take any of it personal and to learn to have fun. What better way to show them that you can still look and feel young then by having a great time and drinking them under the table. Tip: the best way to do this is to drop the drinks in the plant when they arent looking!