Excel Keeps crashing
Excel Keeps crashing

Excel Keeps crashing

Microsoft Excel is a most popular and widely used spreadsheet program. It is a component of Microsoft Office package. It consists of computation and graphing tools, pivot tables and a programming language know as VBA or Visual Basic for Applications. MS Excel is used for different purposes and is a very effective tool. A most common problem come across with Excel users is the Excel crashes at start up.

When you start MS Excel, it opens a *.xlb file that holds your toolbar and menu customizations and it appears when Excel starts. If this file is corrupted, it may lead to Excel crash at start up. Crash may also occur if the size of this file is very big. For proper working of Excel, the size of this file should be 500 KB or smaller.

You can fix this issue by deleting the *.xlb file. To do so, you need to follow these steps:

You can try this to overcome Excel crash. Try deleting your *.xlb file. You need to follow these steps:

• Close Excel
• Search for *.xlb file on you hard drive
• Create backup of this file and delete it
• Restart Excel. Hope it will work

This method works in most of the cases of Excel crash. But it is not essential that it will work in your case also. Deleting a file is not a good idea and it depends on your luck that it will work. In case you fail to fix this issue using above method, you Excel file may become inaccessible and can lead to data loss.

In these circumstances, if your Excel file is very important for you and your business, you need to repair it in order to make it accessible. To perform this task, you need to use data recovery solutions that are available in the form of software. In this case, you can use Excel Repair utility to repair and restore your corrupted Excel files.

Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery is powerful and amazing data recovery software to repair and restore the corrupted Excel spreadsheet. This software is capable in work in all possible cases of Excel Spreadsheet corruption. This is a non destructive and read only data recovery software that restore the excel file in its original format without modifying the original contents of the file.

You can download the demo version of the software and scan youre corrupted excel files. The demo version works in same way as the full version of the software works. It provides tree powerful scanning options depending on the type of corruption. The demo version previews all the recoverable files but doesnt allow you to save them. In order to save the recovered files, you need to purchase the activation key of the software from the Stellar Website.