Do You Still Love Your Ex?
Do You Still Love Your Ex?

Do You Still Love Your Ex?

Many people exiting a relationship will be asked the question "do you still love your ex?" If you are thinking about what went wrong and if you should get back together this question will likely come up. You will also be asked or ask yourself "does my ex still love me how do I know?" Your ex may have told you that they dont love you anymore but can you be sure this wasnt said out of frustration and anger? It may not be true at all. Your ex may still have intimate feelings for you, just like you do for them. The breakup may have occurred not because they fell out of love with you but for entirely different reasons.

If the answer to the question do you still love your ex is yes then it is possible that they still love you. Is that enough reason to try and mend the relationship back together? Only you and your ex can answer that question but here are some things to consider.

1. What are the true reasons that the breakup occurred? Think hard about this, especially if you think that the breakup was your exs doing. If you are honest with yourself you may come to realize that there was good reason that the relationship ended. This may not be easy to accept because you are hurting from the loss. As time passes you may realize that the breakup was for the best and that you are a better person because of it.

2. What if the breakup was mutual, now what do you do? You answer yes when asked do you still love your ex. Its just as important to honestly examine the breakup and if it was mutual why did you agree to it? The breakup truly may have been the best thing for both of you and if that is the case then it is likely better for you to deal with the painful emotions and move on. You will be better off in the long run.

3. Youve determined that you still love your ex and that they want to get back together. This gives you hope and confidence that you will have a relationship with this person again. Be careful not to rely on hope alone. The original problems that caused the relationship to end are still there and need to be dealt with. Happily ever after isnt likely if you dont work through the problems that were there in the first place.

4. Remember if you answer yes to the question do you still love your ex and they still have feelings for you; so you get back together. You may feel as good as you did when you first started dating. Eventually that feeling will wear off and you will be faced with similar problems from before. What will you do then? Be sure to keep this in mind and to work through those problems to ensure a long-lasting relationship.

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Peter Harris is a health care professional and author that writes frequently about relationships.