There are several options for women to have long hair using hair extensions. Some of these methods involve a long arduous process that is expensive. Some of the methods may damage the hair or scalp.

Some women opt to have hair sewn into their hairThe hair stylist can either create a braid of the clients hair as the base or some other type base available on the market. Using the clients hair as the base, the hair extensions areattached to the base using a special needle and thread to attach the new hair.

This method stretches the hair at the scalp and may result in hair loss and damage to hair follicles. The weaving process causes tension at the root of the hair and may cause breakage.

Gluing the hair in place with bonding agents is another way to get permanent hair extensions. The glue is usually a polymer-based product that may cause an allergic reaction. A test should be done to test for an allergic reaction prior to using a gluing technique.

A single strand method of attaching hair extensions is growing in popularity. Adding hair extensions with the "one at a time" method is very involved and time consuming. This method of hair extensions has to be done b a professional who is trained to do this method.

Adding hair extensions with the "one at a time" methods, the hair stylist takes small amounts of either human or synthetic hair and attaches this hair to the natural hair by weaving the hair extensions. Weaving hair extensions into the persons natural hair is either sewed in or glued onto the clients natural hair close to the scalp.

These permanent hair extension techniques can last several months. The hair must be kept clean and free from any debris. The whole process is redone when the hair extension becomes loose. The hair extension must be repositioned or tighten periodically to keep the hair extension to keep it looking natural.

The hair extension should be positioned so that the natural hair can still grow. The hair is put under some stress and the natural hair may fall out. Adding hair extensions provides versatility and a new look for the client instantly. This procedure may take hours.

Keeping the hair clean with a special shampoo is very important. The constant process of reweaving and re gluing hair extensions has some damaging effects on the hair and scalp.

Some hair extensions methods pull the hair too tight and cut off blood flow to the hair follicles. Some of these methods for adding hair extensions will cause the hairline to recede.

Taking the necessary precautions to keep from tugging and pulling the hair during these procedures will keep the hair healthy and in good condition.

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