Disney Wall Stickers Influence the Imagination

Disney Wall Stickers Influence the Imagination

Through many of my acquaintances I have yet to encounter a living human being that does not have a favorite Disney movie or character in their hearts. Just seeing an advertisement or stuffed animal can bring a flood of memories to ones soul. Childhood cant be recreated but bits and pieces are forever embedded in our minds. As parents we can somewhat relive these precious moments from our past through our off springs. We can accomplish this simply by creating a comforting and colorful safe haven for our little ones. At the same time their little minds will start to absorb and store memories of their own.

Growing up I can remember listening to an album of 101 Dalmatians over and over again. I kept recreating the movie with songs and the vivid pictures that were included in the album. So as no surprise, I longed to bring this vision to my babys room. This was my memory not hers so I needed some kind of decor that was not permanent. Wallpaper or painting the walls was not an option. What was necessary would be a material that could be removed easily or could change and grow with my child. It still had to look professional and be an outlet for my babys imagination.

The wall decor that would hit all the prerequisites was Disney wall stickers. They are usually made of a heavy duty vinyl with a peel and stick adhesive back. These stickers are just the perfect feature for easy on and easy off application. They are durable and for those sticky fingers are washable. The best part is the never ending Disney characters that are available. They stick to any flat surface and you do not need to be artistic to have a professional look. This just might be the easiest but most dramatic decorating technique there is.

The Disney wall stickers are fun and interactive and seem to transform the entire room. For a custom look there are Disney decorating kits and repositionable wall boarders. The kits include murals, appliques, borders and other wall accessories that match the design. You can find numerous colors, sizes and textures to suit your decorating tastes and desires. There are some stickers that glow in the dark when the lights are turned off. On the internet there are websites that feature a virtual tour of finished walls using Disney wall sticker kits. This allows you to duplicate the design or make changes to fit your personality.

Using Disney wall stickers is cost efficient and extremely useful for renters. They leave no residue behind when removed so landlords need not worry. If you are a home owner but are planning to move they are great since you can peel them off the wall and take them wherever you go.

What I finally decided on for my daughters room was four different themes that all blended nicely. On the wall that was over her crib I choose a princess theme. The Disney characters were comprised of Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid. There were also stickers of tiny creatures and butterflies and birds. On the wall opposite her crib was Bugs bunny, Mickey Mouse and Tweety Pie. They seemed to pop out from the wall. There was also a button on Bugs Bunny nose when pushed it played a tune.

On the two remaining walls was my favorite the dog theme. One wall was composed of 101 Dalmatians and the other was from the movie the Lady and the Tramp. After all we are proud owners of a cocker spaniel.

The hardest part of the entire project was deciding on the cast of characters to place on the walls. The actual time it took to hang was one hour for the entire job. When anyone comes to see my new bundle of joy, they seem to first comment on the Disney wall stickers. I guess no matter how old we get, we all love Disney.

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