Disney On Broadway – Everyones Favorite Movies Are Now Musicals!

Disney On Broadway – Everyones Favorite Movies Are Now Musicals!

All of us have relished Disney movies, right from The Lion King to Mary Poppins and now Disney on Broadway is giving people the chance to watch this spectacles live on the stage. These are shows for the whole family and turn from reel-life into reality. Imagine watching Ariel, everyones favorite Little Mermaid, splash around on the stage right in front of your eyes! Or Simba, our beloved Lion King, go Hakuna Matata live!

These are the kind of shows that Disney on Broadway presents. Larger than life sets, bright costumes, make up and musical scores give the audience a feeling of being one with the characters. From Cinderella and Snow White to the Beast, Scar and Peter Pan, all are now on the stage and drawing audiences everywhere.

Officially, the shows are known as the Walt Disney Theatrical Productions. Starting with Beauty and the Beast in 1994, the company has built a strong reputation for itself in the entertainment world. Both critics and audiences love Disney on Broadway and things are not going to change for a very, very long time.

Some Popular Disney On Broadway shows

Beauty And The Beast - The 1991 film was a super success, and so Disney thought about making it into a musical so that the fans can watch all the events unfold right in front of their eyes. The result was the Beauty and the Beast musical which opened in 1994. It ran on Broadway for 5,464 performances between 1994 and 2007. Beauty and the Beast remains one of Disneys best Broadway shows.

The Lion King - Simba went Hakuna Matata and everyone instantly fell in love with this gentle King of the jungle. Immortalizing Savanna forever in the form of The Lion King musical, Disney gave Broadway another genius in 1997. It has since become one of Broadways longest running shows and continues to attract fans from everywhere.

Mary Poppins - In 2004, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious came to stage with Mary Poppins, the lovable nanny with her magical umbrella. The musical received an even better response than the movie. It has since become a prized jewel in Disney on Broadways dazzling crown.

Tarzan - Complete with grand jungle sets and costumes, Tarzan hit the Broadway scene in 2006. Phil Collins heavily publicized the musical and it opened with lots of expectations attached to it. Disney on Broadway did it again as Tarzan received rave reviews and theaters were booked for months on end.

The above mentioned shows are only a tip of a huge Disney on Broadway iceberg which includes classics such as High School Musical, The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan. These are still running successfully in theaters all over the world and gaining more popularity with each passing day.

The Easiest Way Of Purchasing Disney On Broadway Tickets

Disney on Broadway tickets might not be very easy to come by, especially through the venues box office. But fans dont have to worry. There are many online brokers who will deliver the tickets right at your doorstep. All you have to do is find a trustworthy source and order from the convenience of your home!

If you have loved Disneys movies, Disney on Broadway tickets are a must have. Whether you buy them for yourself, your family or a loved one, they are just perfect. Give them as a gift or enjoy these colorful theater productions yourself. You just cannot go wrong with Disney on Broadway tickets!
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