Dating Tips: What NOT to wear when meeting men

Dating Tips: What NOT to wear when meeting men

A quick internet search will quickly bring up loads of advice on what to wear when meeting a guy for the first time. However, there is very little guidance on what not to wear if you want to make a good first impression. In terms of appearance, women are typically less picky than men, placing a greater importance on personality, even in a first meeting. Unfortunately, the reverse is not true, and men tend to use attractiveness to gage whether they would like to spend more time with you.

The good news is that attraction for men is not as cut and dry as we once thought it was. True, it is largely based on appearance, but it is not as simple as big boobs, nice booty. Surprising to some, men actually observe more than you think. Conscious of it or not, men notice and respond to aspects of appearance that indicate further facets of personality.

Making a good impression when meeting someone for the first time be it a first date, a speed dating event, or a night on the town is crucial. Instruction on what to wear, though helpful, may handicap your own personal creativity and style. However instruction on what not to wear will only ensure you dont make the wrong impression, still allowing you to express your true self as you wish.

DONT wear the following on your next first meeting, so ensure you dont accidentally turn away suitors:

DONT wear a lot of junk in your hair. Hair ranks as one of the greatest attractors for men when you get it right. When you get it wrong, its an instant turn off. Hair is attractive because it is very sensual (as in, good to touch) and men often imagine running their hands through your hair, touching it, or tucking it behind your ear. If you have a lot of product or accessories in your hair, it prevents them from having that fantasy, and they cannot imagine putting their fingers through your hair. If they cant visualize it, its not going to happen. Dont put junk in your hair.

DONT wear a lot of make-up. This one doesnt need a lot of explanation. Of course, make sure you look good, but overdoing it with make up isnt going to help you. It may position yourself as simulated or unreal (not in the good sense,) and most men admit they see it as a sign of a high-maintenance woman a definite no-no. Dont gunk on the make-up.

DONT wear a complicated outfit. Like with hair, and most other things, men are highly visual creatures. Just as they enjoy imagining what it would be like to run their hands through your hair, they likewise imagine you guessed it undressing you. Dont take it the wrong way, it doesnt necessarily mean its their immediate and only goal, its just how it works. So if you are wearing a complicated outfit it makes it more difficult for them to imagine what it would be like to undress you. Weve all seen how clumsily men handle a simple bra claspa complicated, multi-piece outfit is almost more than their imaginations can handle. Keep it simple, DONT wear an intricate outfit.
Datiing Tips from Justin Parfitt, CEO and founder of FastLife International. Originating 7 years ago, FastLife started hosting speed dating events in Adelaide, Sydney, and the rest of Australia, and quickly grew to offer speed dating events in Central London, Los Angeles, New York and 45 other cities around the world.